Thursday, March 17, 2011


Bill would require local schools to report bullying of students with disabilities to federal government

What If They're Both Crips?

Cripple Fight

Right now I'm so fed up, and feeling a contrarinesses because of daily doses of our filthy gummint overstepping and trying to control every aspect of living!..! I'm having a mean bad urge to find a cripple and whale on him (or her). Well hell, since I'm not in school, it wouldn't be reported I guess. Or, how about Rep. Jackie Speier, the California Democrat (big surprise there) who will introduce the bill.  Let me guess, gyno American Speier is a tard who was picked on in kindergarten.

Historically Accurate Prints

Historically Accurate Prints
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Prints that Obama would never allow in the White House.  That Bastid.


The guy next to me is *losing his mind*. I guess he must have had something to "live for". Ron White
Plan "B" for anyone caught
without Potassium Iodide (KI) ...

Potassium Iodide (KI) ...
From $5 to $1299

Notes from JWR Survival Guide:
Oh nooo!!

House For Sale

Now, tell me, is Jennifer
Aniston worth $42 million dollars?


Protesting Earthquakes

Protesting earth quakes

Protesting The Japan Earthquake! JFC!
You can I'll venture find this same bimbo displaying her wretched body at G8, PeTA, Code Pink, and Obama for president rallies.  I've long suspected that most are exhibitionists, or whores trying to pick up a "date."  But protesting a freaking earthquake?  Did I say brainless as well? Not braless; brainless!

Somalian Pirates are Moslems

We're damned good when allowed to be


Nurse, It Hurts
Nurse Coulter
With the terrible earthquake and resulting tsunami that have devastated Japan, the only good news is that anyone exposed to excess radiation from the nuclear power plants is now probably much less likely to get cancer.

This only seems counterintuitive because of media hysteria for the past 20 years trying to convince Americans that radiation at any dose is bad. There is, however, burgeoning evidence that excess radiation operates as a sort of cancer vaccine.

As The New York Times science section reported in 2001, an increasing number of scientists believe that at some level -- much higher than the minimums set by the U.S. government -- radiation is good for you. "They theorize," the Times said, that "these doses protect against cancer by activating cells' natural defense mechanisms." [A GLOWING REPORT ON RADIATION]