Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jamie Gorelick for WHAT?

Gorelick on Short List for FBI Director?

Jamie Gorelick FBI Director?

Doug Ross has her file.  To even consider placing  Gorelick anywhere near another seat of power constitutes a reckless act so ... so obscene, that immediate action by the House and Senate is warranted.  If Obama and Eric Holder are not impeached and removed, I fear that people, far less respectful of the rule of law than you and I will Impeach them in some barn. And dammit, self defense would be a good plea, but a national black-eye.

Justice Department sues on behalf of Muslim teacher

Something Democrats Excel At
Justice Department sues
on behalf of Muslim teacher

Boned Jello

The Ditherer-in-Chief applauds himself

Democrats tout success of
Obama's Libya intervention

GHA! The whole thing's Daffy.
  “We’ve accomplished what we needed,” said Lawrence Korb, a senior fellow at the Democratic-affiliated Center for American Progress (CAP). The killing has been halted, no U.S. ground troops are committed, and the mission is supported by the United Nations and the Arab League, so Obama won’t face a political backlash at home, he said. “Politically, he’s golden,” Korb said.  [DC]

Obama's Command Center in Rio

One of my topic folders is Democrats and War.  This so belongs there. Obama has been, in Sean Hannity's words, the ditherer in chief. 

Some Democrat-affiliated foreign policy professionals are nervous. “The outcome of this intervention, its success or failure, and the degree to which it can be accomplished quickly and cheaply, will have a huge impact of both parties’ willingness to endorse or contemplate intervention in the future    [... ]

The intervention’s success “depends on how well our partners in France, Britain, our NATO allies and in the Arab world pick up the slack”

Pick up the slack?  The US was the last one in. And nowhere in their self analysis is there mention of what the goals are, and nothing about ...

Obama's Command Center in Rio

Get one for your Schwinn

A Work of Functional Art

Gun saddle

I kmow I'd like one for my Harley if I had one.  If I could make one, I'd prolly charge aroud $2500.  Rob at Simply Rugged Holsters will prolly do it for ½ that amount.  Ask him.

Pssst.: And ask him abput his new rectal holster for carrying in non-carry states like Maryland. 

The Good Scouts of Cary Illinois

The Good Scouts of Cary Illinois
What ever happened to the good old days when people in your neighborhood pitched in and helped one another?  Remember when local businesses were part of the very fabric of the community?  Was there really a time when the chief of police reminded you just a little bit of Sheriff Andy Taylor?  Those days are gone forever, or are they?

The Daily Herald reports:    

A Victim of American Progressives
This story made The Mrs cry.  Me too. -   Kim

I think many of us as well, Kim.  In my case I'm conflicted over being teary-eyed over this manifestation of human goodness, or because acts like this are all too rare today?