Saturday, April 09, 2011

Gun Leash

The Gun Leash
Think of the Fun

Gun Leash

These guys think it's a bad idea, but then they use pink  type.


Good way to get attacked and beaten severely about the head and shoulders, by a PETA person.

Tofu in a sock can leave a nasty bruise.

Boned Jello
Colt 1911-B1

Deathbed Confessions


Via  View From The Porch ...

This just in...

Indiana Tam
   As the shutdown approaches, we have received top secret spy-cam footage of a high-level government meeting. Unfortunately, it was unsigned, so I can't tell if it came from the office of Reid, Boehner, or even the Big O himself... Anyhow, here it is: Click to Watch.
As an aside to that bombshell, Tam writes:

That's, like, a million in blog years.

Fifteen years ago, I had a 14.4k modem in a Pentium 133-powered Compaq Deskpro, but no 'net connection at home. The only web surfing I did was occasionally at work; it wasn't 'til a pending layoff coincided with AOL offering flat-rate monthly pricing that I bothered installing the internets on my home machine.  [...] Had I been aware of it, I could have pointed my shiny new Explorer icon at the web log of one Charles G. Hill, which is celebrating its fifteenth birthday today. [cont]

Fifteen years?  That's 1996! I had just started to post on the New York Times bb, and the brand new WaPost bb (moderated by Howard Kurtz). In 2007 I discovered Free Republic, which at the time had about 5 readers (but was listed on Drudge as "Whitewater.") .  Jim Robinson taught me how to use HTML.  Anyway, I stumbled across BlogSpot on April 2, 2002, and posted my first gem two days later.

Kornheiser and Wilbon have the best sports show on television, but insist on lifting their dresses and displaying leftist pubes way too often.

Until now, I figgered I was one of the longest running bloggers, but I'm not even close. But wait - I just noticed that (if you use IE) the interactive SodraK at the shooting gallery still works!  Bam Bam Bam.

Ted Kennedy Institute for WHAT?

Ted Kennedy Institute for WHAT?

Nazi nymphos were not all that bad

What I'm Reading
Nazi Nympho Issue

Another example of the leftist media covering up for Stalin by blaming everyhing on Hitler.  Commie nymphos were no different from their Nazi counterpart. Everything else in this book seems to be spot-on however.

Bulb Wars

A mighty smiting!
  April 8, 2011, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government (ALG) President Bill Wilson today praised passage of a bill by South Carolina State Representatives Bill Sandifer and Dwight Loftis that would allow the manufacture and purchase of incandescent light bulbs in South Carolina that are subject to a federal ban that begins to take effect in Jan. 2012.


"It is my strong belief that the feds have overstepped the Tenth Amendment, and now are venturing into telling us what kinds of lighting we can have in our homes," Sandifer added.

But how can the federal government ban light bulbs? "They are trying to use again as they have so often done, the Commerce Clause.  But I have a real problem with Big Brother intruding in how I live in my home," Sandifer declared.

"Since the bulbs would be made entirely in South Carolina and sold in South Carolina, the federal government has no power to regulate it under the Interstate Commerce Clause."
Americans for Limited Government (ALG)
I just e-mailed this to my state delegates:

I thought you would find this a very reasonable response to the encroachment on our civil liberties by the feds.  If you agree, I look forward to reading that you have sponsored similar legislation. If you do not agree, why in heaven's name not?

Regards ....

Obama Scrubbing

Scrubbed Clean

Touring the web, I stumbled on this and thought you might find it interesting. Our Precedent is hiding something no doubt, but I had no idea he had been scrubbed this clean. He's hiding something really bad for sure to go to this much trouble. What's almost as scary is that people are willing to work on his behalf to do this.Tailgunner dick

Only known document actually done by Obama
This really resonated with me because almost every time I revisit a public source of previously accessed Obama stuff, I find it "site not available."  I believe, like dick, that  He's hiding something really bad'