Saturday, May 07, 2011

Helping your uncle

Today's fine lesson

Boned Jello
In the world of hi-tech gadgetry, I've noticed that more and more people who send text messages and emails have long forgotten the "art" of capitalization.

 Those of you who fall into this world, please take note of the statement below.  I cannot stress enough how grammar is very important to it.

"Capitalization is the difference between helping your Uncle Jack off his horse and helping your uncle jack off his horse."

Is everybody clear on this?

Nursing a midget

Good Lord Kathaline!
Approved by La Lech Society

I checked with the La Lech Society re the propriety of posting nursing women pictures.  So I wouldn't, you know, run afoul of my family blogging credo.  They said "have at it."  Still, you'll have to roll-over if you wants to see the actual breast, or whatever you call them in your hometown. The actual reason I'm posting this is, JFC! — that kid isn't far from having to shave!  I think mom - if she is in fact is a mom, is indulging  her own urges here. Which doesn't say much for that guy she's with. Sheesh.

Liquor Aisle Miracle

Today's Miracle


last facebook

Osama's last Facebook entry


Infighting at the Discovery Channel

The Late Bin Laden

The Late Bin Laden
Thoughts on presidential leadership and the media

  There was something quite Roman in the killing of Osama bin Laden, something reminiscent of the manner in which the Romans eventually dealt with a rogue’s gallery of charismatic tribal enemies—Spartacus, Vercingetorix, Jugurtha, Mithridates, Boudica, and others—all of whom claimed victory over the Romans and invulnerability from their global reach, only to be eventually defeated, forced to kill themselves, executed, or killed in battle.

Like Gladiator Movies?
The killing reminds us that there are official rules we cite and unofficial ones that, thankfully, we actually follow. Pakistan is to be praised publicly as a partner, even as privately it is recognized as the sort of enemy that allows bin Laden to build a mansion in a suburb inhabited by its retired military officers. So we swiftly invade the country, kill him, and then praise the Pakistanis for their help—with full knowledge that bin Laden couldn’t have been there for years without Pakistani government assistance. I have no idea whether disseminating such disinformation is sustainable.
Victor Davis Hanson seldom, if ever, misfires, and does not here.  Nary a wasted word.  This is one of those things you want to duplicate in toto, but I won't because you can read it here.  But one more thought that defines it.
It’s also easier to conduct assassinations abroad if the Commander-in-Chief is liberal. This neutralizes criticism from the media, universities, the legal community, and Hollywood. Obama the law professor can assassinate bin Laden in Pakistan, dump his body in the ocean, and with first-person emphasis boast of our brilliant mission in a way Bush the Texan could not get away with—