Sunday, May 08, 2011

The Sportsmen: 1905

picture from the hunt

heh ... I saw the original (roll-over) on SHORPY,  and was struck by how this photograph  from 106 years ago could have been taken yesterday.  The wooden canoe might be a give-away, but even that could be explained away.  Gives me a sense of my own mortality.  Both these guys are long dead.  The dude on the left was possibly alive when Lincoln was president.  heh.

Actual colors
Found this in the SHORPY comments - what are the odds that
I choose a 100 year-old picture to color that already had been?

A Grave Threat?


Speaking from the grave?

In the middle of family festivities here ... just headlines ... did we just get an old threat tape?  Or just made?  Did bin-Laden have an Irish accent?  Or Swedish?  I feel panic. Prissy panic!

Mission Accomplished

Mission: Democrat appears to do something militarily right
Oh, that
—  after using the tools left by his ‘war criminal  predecessor.

But ... but ..

Mother's Day Tribute


Lincoln Park, Chicago