Friday, May 20, 2011


Electric VW

Okay, stop it.  I'm up.I'm up dammit! Stop

What was that?
Watch as an electric powered VW Beetle does naught-to-60 in 9.51 seconds. ... Oh, wait
—  I meant to say as it does a quarter-mile straight in 9.51 seconds.  And the Beetle is  1.7 seconds faster after he changed the batteries!

A commenter (maybe me? no.  I looked. I've never been there) wrote "call me when a battery-powered car wins the le man 24hr." 

There's a certain resistance to electric powered cars because of the "green" lobby's influence.  Starting with me, as one, I hate their guts.  I hate that they've been allowed to hijack alternate fuel R&D under the utterly preposterous, and provenly contrived claims that the earth's very existence lies in the balance.  That very same smug and condescending blood clot who are, say,  Nancy Pelosi's comstitueney.  But this!  This type of demonstration sets a man's blood racing. Speed! It's competition.

This is where I'm at.  If I had access to a reliable electric car, that cost no more to purchase and operate than a gas burner, I'd buy it.   And that day is coming. In the meanwhile then, there is no reason not to make 100% use of  our oil resources.  Provide the cheap energy that jump-starts our economy, and cut OPEC out of America's business plan. 

First we have to  rid ourselves of these Democrats. Butyou knew that.
cuzzin ricky