Monday, May 30, 2011


Greatest Gov Who Ever Lived?
Rick Perry signs tort reform bill into law

Be Still My Hard (CLICK)

Say Cheeze and Freeze

Robo President Ubama bin Laffin takes 138 pics with supporters & his expression never changes 

Barack Obama's amazingly consistent smile from Eric Spiegelman on Vimeo.

Maybe the teleprompter got stuck on "freeze."

Bacon Rodeo

Traditional Memorial Day Bacon Rodeo

Tight assed

Now this is what I'm talking about


Committees!  If I'm there by myself, I cut her pants off with some shears, then liberally apply Crisco.  She pops out likety-split.  They know that too, but are too afraid of  witnesses. Sheesh.  We really are a nation of pussies.

Pigeon Mom

Baboon News

Obama Brotherhood attacks Palin
Teabagger Queen Palin Spits on Nation's War Dead (viewership 29)

Union Protesters

If it's Memorial Day this is the day for all of the gutless right-wingers and teabagger Republicans to desecrate the flag by wrapping themselves in it while they pontificate about their fascist ideology and spit on the graves of those who died to at least in theory protect our freedoms. America's favorite parasite, Sarah Palin has never been accused of having dignity nor shame but this latest cynical re-launch represents a new low for the white trash diva from Wasilla.
Well, I wanted a baboon and I found one.  No, I'm not linking to opednews. 

A Geezer Moment

Senile geezers causing problems 

Senile Geezers


Fatal Stab Wounds

First This
Then This

This Bud's for you Dad ...

Real Memorial Day 

My dad's buried in the American Cemetery and Memorial, Hamm, Luxembourg.  Bulge.  Mortar round.  Same cemetery where George S. Patton rests. 
When my step-dad (Pop) was dying of cancer we talked about old times.  It was only then that he told me the story about my late mom's rift with my paternal grandparents.  I knew there was a problem, but always thought it was because she married a Catholic, or that he  adopted me and sister, giving us his name. I had no reason at all to think that, but it's where my imagination led me.  I don't think I ever had any meaningful conversation with mom about it.  She didn't talk about him.

Pop, who himself was shot during the Bulge,  said  that the War Department later offered mom the opportunity to have dad's remains returned for burial in the U.S.  She declined.  Because she could not bear to rekindle her grief . My grandparents understandably wanted him back home, and were more than a little miffed.  Since I found that out, I've wondered whether I should inquire about whether that can still be done.  Even now.  If my grandparents were still alive, I think I prolly would already have.

Ofttimes it's better to leave fighting men to rest with fallen buddies.  But —   dad was  a replacement, and had only just landed at Normandy and sent to the unit.   I don't think he was there two days.   I've learned that replacements were generally ignored by the old guys, because nobody wanted to befriend someone who would probably be dead in a few days.  So chances are he didn't know a soul in the 137th Inf.  But, this is where it gets confusing. 

I spent my summers with Gram and Gramp West on their Indiana (Lewis)  farm.  One day gramps took me with him to Indianapolis.  He'd hired a truck to haul some livestock for sale.  The driver of the truck was introduced as knowing dad during his short stint overseas.  He was someone who was near enough to him to have seen the mortar round  hit.  He picked up what was left of dad's rifle and took it home, where he later gave it to gramps.  When we got home, gramps showed me the splintered wood stock (it resembled an M-1 carbine) with some twisted metal.  Never saw it again.  We didn't talk about it.  Obviously gramps set up that trip to Indianapolis so I could learn that.  We don't talk much in our family, it seems.

Stupid Flanders

Memorial to a world class dewberry

The more I look at this, the more I'm astounded by the shallowness of Obama's knowledge and understanding of anything to do with western culture.  It is possible, even probable, that we Americans are were unaware that the Brit national anthem is played after each toast to the queen, and that one does not talk over it. The reason we don't know that is that never before has anyAmerican important enough to toast the Queen in her presence been so blissfully unschooled about the protocol and customs of the situation.  The Won later offered this excuse: “I thought that it was like, it was like out of the movies when the soundtrack kinda comes in.”

As telling as all this is about our scripted leader without a script, his gum chewing performance yesterday at the Joplin tribute reeks of the innate disrespect he has for common decency.  Rest assured, however; this man knows to never wipe his ass with the fingers on his right hand. Ahem.