Saturday, June 11, 2011

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The Harrison J Bounels somehow get invited to a White House gala

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Mr. & Mrs. Harrison Bounel

The Harrison J Bounels were somehow invited to a White House gala.

Who is Harrison J Bounel?

Who is Harrison J Bounel?
Using the name "Harrison J. Bounel" – a suspected Obama alias, based on official records – a Facebook user has created a social media page lampooning the sitting president.

The Bounel name appeared earlier this year after a debt collector discovered a Harrison J. Bounel listed under the same address and using the same Social Security number as Obama.

Shortly thereafter, satirist Peggy Knutson of Oklahoma City created the "Harrison J. Bounel" Facebook page, which makes all sorts of digs at the president's past, politics and policies.

Harrison J Bounel -aka Barry Soetoro

This facebook parody  may be lacking nuance, but it makes a good point.

Pelosi: "It's not like it was this big."