Monday, June 13, 2011

Good Head

Sennheiser Wireless

Sennheiser RS 120

By the way Zeek, the Sennheiser RS 120 headphones arrived yesterday - Amazon, $70.85 shipped.  What a revelation!  The ear piece doesn't hurt; it's not even annoying.  The sound is what blew my mind though.  It's true that my TV Ears* are not stereo, but, wow.  I threw my Saving Private Ryan CD into the player.  The landing scene is my go-to test for evaluating speakers, etc.  They scored a solid A.  I hear things I would have missed entirely with TV Ears, and hear so clearly I haven't required captions. 

Even better, the rechargeable batteries that I expected to be like TV Ears ($30 replacement) are rechargeable AA batteries. A downside were the instructions.  If there are 100 words total, I'm Brad Pitt, and printed in unreadable 4 point type.  I spent considerable time looking for how to charge the damned things, or even where the batteries went.  Wasn't expecting the ingenious "hang and charge" system.  Also, if I lower the  television volume too much, it shuts down.  It has auto turnoff if no sound is present, but  thinks a volume setting of lower than "5" is off.  All that's nit-picky though.  These things are the berries!

*They sell a line of what look like TV Ears - but these cost $314.95!
Sennheiser Wireless Headphones

Time Marches On

Waiter This sammich tastes like diarrhea!

Received E-Mail from a friend suggesting I look at this week's TIME ragazzine.

"The content and tenor of the article falls outside the normal Time lockstep, with the Obama administration"

I did.  The goose-stepping looks pretty much the same, considering.  I mean, Obama's failure is out there.  It's as plain to see as a wad of hand cream on a dark blue dress.  Somethings can't be ignored, only camouflaged.   In a recent survey 47% of Americans said that they would have to sell some of their possessions, if they had to come up with $2000 (like paying to get a car transmission fixed,  or paying the utility bill).  Splat!  It's hard for TIME subscribers to swallow this, unaccustomed as they are to intra-cult criticism.  But, if you must man-up and deliver foul tasting medicine, the old hide-it-between-slices-of bread gambit is time proven effective.

Republicans are trying to pin every economic problem on Obama in the run-up to the 2012 election. Let's be clear: the slow growth the U.S. is experiencing is not an Obama-specific problem. Many of the ingredients in it were already baked into the economy and were simply laid bare by the financial crisis.
But at the same time, the growth problem is Obama's. Every President inherits his predecessor's economy; indeed, it's often what gets him the job. It's then up to the new guy to change the numbers as well as the debate. Now it looks as if Obama is losing that debate.
The Republicans have pulled off a major (some would say cynical) miracle by convincing the majority of Americans that the way to jump-start the economy is to slash taxes on the wealthy and on cash-hoarding corporations while cutting benefits for millions of Americans. It's fun-house math that can't work;

They've been doing stuff like this since shortly after Henry Luce  went to heaven.

Nother Power Outage

Can't sleep when there's no 'tricity



Prince Charles of London


A Nice Wedding

Charles thought he would be attending a confirmation  ceremony for the Grand Rajmata in the  Duchy of Boswaniman,  but no.  It was the marriage of Reggie Williams to Katrina vanden Heuvel in Bradenton. Schmuck.