Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Obama Sold!

Democrat Outrage: They Auction Obama!
Spokesman -"What are we thinking?  We're already known as the party of slavery and anti-civil rights.  And now this?"

Democrats Auction Obama

O Irony! Clinton sold Lincoln's bedroom, and Obama raffles himself. 

When strippers and gangbangers run for congress

America's Most Offensive Political Ad?

Pragmatic me sees  a guy who knows the audience he has to convince.  Whadda ya want?  Shakespeare?

FYI: Playing the stripper is Janice Hahn, the Democrat running for Democrats Jane Harmon's seat

The ad's producer, Ladd Ehlinger, however, remains more than unapologetic.

His message for critics: "Suck it."

"We decided we would launch with a controversial ad that would piss a lot of people off," Ehlinger told Salon magazine. "If I get dinged a little, then so be it."
Ehlinger said that he formed Turn Right USA to continue making controversial videos.
"Our basic goal is to name names and take no prisoners," Ehlinger said. "We're going to start raising funds and making crazy viral ads every month or two."

Huey did not respond to requests for comment. Mark Standriff, a California Republican Party spokesman, denied any affiliation with the ad.

"The video in question is highly offensive and totally inappropriate," Stan
blah blah blah.

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Muslims have met their match in Democrats when it comes to being outraged by just about everything.  I'm waiting for Debbie Wasserman-Test to call for jihad. 

They'll poke his eyes out

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Obama's Worst Week

This is all well and good,  but what will things be like by January 2013?

Obama's Worst Week, Pawlenty's Best
Article Excerpt

If next year the American people pull the plug on the Obama presidency, mark down the past week as the beginning of the end . . . and what looks like the real beginning of Tim Pawlenty's candidacy.

Incumbency isn't merely a function of political inevitability but of the fact that a presidency commands potent tools of self-restoration. Barack Obama's decision to kill Osama bin Laden was one such weapon. But we now see that this welcome May Surprise was insufficient to thwart the one force bigger than the American presidency—the U.S. economy. As of this week, it's looking like

Or listen to Dan say it

Barry's Fk-Up

I didn't mean to.  I looked out the window ..  and saw Chuck and Karen ... I snapped.  The rifle was right there and ... *sob*... - Barry's statement to police


Obama Cam

Obama Cam

Maryland, Tyranny is Thy Name

Maryland My Christmas Tree
Look into this mirror and see yourself

Maryland Dream Act Passes In State Senate

March 15, 2011 - The Maryland Senate has approved a controversial bill that would level the playing field for undocumented high school students when it comes to paying for their college education. The 28-19 vote on the Maryland Dream Act was mostly along party lines.

Put the Maryland Dream Act to Referendum
June 14, 2011 Just as I supported voter referendums from the contentious gambling issue lawmakers grappled with for so long, I supported the effort to collect enough petition signatures in the coming weeks for the DREAM Act, as the bill is called, to be on the 2012 ballot. That way, voters across the state can say yes or no to a law that would cost Maryland millions just as we’re recovering from one of the worst economic crises in state and national history. Del. Joseph "Sonny" Minnick

Md. ACLU questions Dream Act opponents’ petition drive

June 10, 2011 - The petitioners’ website,, allows residents to print out and circulate their own copies of the petition. It automatically generates the residents’ information from voter records — after they provide their names, dates of birth and zip codes — to ensure that their signatures are not rejected due to technicalities or incorrect information.

The state used to have as its motto "America in Miniature."  It is that today more than ever. Using Maryland as a proxy state for all that's wrong with this nation only makes sense, as you'll see. It is the test kitchen for every toxic liberal concoction that comes along.  But, this willingness to trade freedom and responsibility for serfdom is recently arrived. Consider that...
  • The State legislature once threatened to cut funds from the University of Maryland because of the series of Angela Davis type radicals it was hosting as lecturers. 
  • In 1970 voters kicked Boned JelloDemocrat Sen. Joe Tydings out of office for his sponsorship of the Firearms Registration and Licensing Act, which would have required the registration of firearms.
  • The Maryland legislature met just every other year
So what the hell happened?  Government happened. It became  the state's only industry (Wal-Mart is# 2), and people vote their pocket books, the hell with all. Now look at this crap. 

The legislature rubber stamps any Liberal law that comes along. 
There is no ballot initiative in Maryland. Only after legislation has passed can voters  petition to bring it to referendum.  And Democrats use all their resources to disqualify petition signatures. Elected officials are not subject to recall elections, period.  There are no accessible records of how legislators voted.

 I suggest that this is as close to tyranny as you'll find in the USA.  Our problems today will be yours tomorrow. But we all have the solution, don't we? That's right; egg them. Or something.

The Male Brain - A caveat

Today's Important Caveat
The Male Brain

Buggy Whip Obama

Obama thinks ATMs cause unemployment --

No, really, he does! That's not a joke headline. He said it out loud in front of the whole world and everything. On yesterday's Today Show, Obama told Ann Curry his brilliant theory about why the economy hasn't been doing so well since he became president: "There are some structural issues with our economy where a lot of businesses have learned to become much more efficient with a lot fewer workers. You see it when you go to a bank and you use an ATM, you don't go to a bank teller, or you go to the airport and you're using a kiosk instead of checking in at the gate." That's right, the Smartest President Ever just said innovation is a job-killer.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

See, here's how that's supposed to work Bam.  The buggy whip was obsoleted by the automobile, which invention spurred entrepreneurial juices in men like Henry Ford to create a whole new industry here, and around the world.  But not in the Soviet Union.  Why was that Bam, Mr. Smartest President Ever?  Because economic laws are immutable in that  respect. 

Daily Caller

The Wittiest, Funniest, Smartest, Most Fabulous Person on the Planet

Looks like O'Bammy picked the
wrong presidency to stop snorting cocaine:

Stupid Laws

Today's Fun Thing

Since I use Google-owned Blogspot it's obligatory that I also have  Google-owned G-Mail.  I never use it, but  am swamped with comments  to  videos I post on Google-owned YouTube, which I also never read; I only delete. In the process of  ridding the current batch,  I somehow opened one.  It was from this guy telling me about his newest video.  I looked, and it's pretty entertaining.  I'd reply to him, so he knows I saw his comment, but I deleted it already. 

Don't Know Much About History ... Sam Cook

History still a mystery for 12th-graders

.... the survey found that only 22 percent of 12th-graders could identify China’s role during the Korean War. Most didn’t know that the country backed North Korea during its fight with South Korea and the U.S. and its allies.

Other questions focused on the Civil War, the civil rights movement, colonization, the world wars and other events [Ahem].

Some experts believe more uniform curricula across the country could help, but unlike math and reading, attitudes among educators differ across the nation on what should be emphasized in history classrooms. [Full]

Problem number 2

MoSup says she  caught this from a telly playing at work (in a patient's room).  She thinks it was tuned to the History Channel.

"Andrew Johnson is the only president to be impeached."

48 liberal lies about American history
My brother-in-law once rebuked me for saying that Clinton had been impeached.  "No he wasn't; the vote failed."  One of those things that's been emphasized in history classrooms.

We, who spend much time listening to various History/ Learning channels,  are used to misstatements; even dueling versions of history and science.   I've watched two hours on the Little Ice Age, and the convergence of natural phenomena that caused it,  followed in the next hour by  dire predictions from the man-caused climate change lobby. All this on the Science Channel.

It almost seems like "divide and conquer" rules are in effect. In a lifetime things that made us a great and successful nation—   a common language, institutions, religion, and historical experience have disappeared.  And here we are.

The Greatest Speech Ever Given

The Greatest Speech Ever Given in the World

More sense about health insurance in 15 minutes than you've heard from politicians of all parties in the last 15 years.” - Vanderleun

Barnhardt from the prologue: "I would like to restate for the record how disgusting it is that I am the person apparently who has to be the voice of logic and reason and obvious common sense for a nation of 310 million people....

"Who the hell am I? I am not well educated. I have an undergraduate degree in Animal Husbandry which I consider to be nothing more than a formality. My real education consists first and foremost of real life experience and the responsibilities and performance demanded therein, which is nothing rare, along with an Prime account.


What's mystifying if not downright terrifying, is after two days I am only the 1656th viewer.   Oh.  Right. ..  You Tube never keeps accurate  counts on content that might be antithetical to Liberal dogma; or when they have a pay-per-play contract with the video's author.  Ahem.  Rumor.

Okay, I only watched 5 minutes (so far) of this video before my head was exploding and there was a tingling up my leg.  I  had to post this.  Make your kids watch.  I don't care, use duct tape.  Go Here. Gerard has transcripts and everything.