Friday, July 15, 2011

Daddy's little girl - one way or another?

There's a good ½ hour of think here

We keep Virginia, you get Maryland



Irreconcilable differences and battery are both grounds for divorce. Give us half the community property and we're outta here Jughead.

But in Portugal it's Preservativo

Today's PSA

Sugar Crisp

Before the perpetually aggrieved ran things

Today's Bad Science

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Democrat Book Burnings

How is THIS
different from

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Bar Chatter

Cliff Obama in action

Anonymoose Meanwhile, in AZ, handgun sales are on track to be even greater than they were in Obama's first year.

N.B.: Rifle and shotgun sales are flat or declining. Armed robbery futures are underground.

Dale                                                                                       This money business is going insane. Next week they say gold and silver will jump. This just takes money out of circulation. No problems for some countries that produce things like oil." Norway has a sovereign wealth fund of $500 billion". Homes have increased in value 2.8%. I follow Norway out of interest only. If they go back to the gold standard things will get worse. That again is Keynesian economics. "Them that have's gets and them that don't wait's". They seem determined to repeat the bad economics of the depression. The well known names of today of the depression era took their opportunities and benefited.
"I seen me opportunities and I took'em".
Property, water, produce things or service are the value. You might be money poor but must endure the pain about you. Hopefully you aren't overrun and everything is taken. That is the Obama way. Take from those that have.

The O Club, like my blog, is stream of consciousness converation, except there's a bunch of them doing it and they're all pretty smart.  Informative and  entertaining too.  I haven't found a Cliff Claven among them.

AGW Troot

Endangerd species*
Kill Kill
Past climat change
Gray whale breaching.
National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration

Gray whales managed to survive many cycles of global cooling and warming over the past few million years by changing their migratory habits and broadening their feeding styles, according to a new study.

The oldest gray whale fossils date back 2.5 million years, and since then, the Earth has gone through more than 40 major cycles of warming and cooling. The California, or eastern, gray whale is one of two surviving populations of gray whale and can be traced back about 150,000 to 200,000 years. [Full]


Top Gear US Special: Challenge "Alabama"

Top Gear US Special: Challenge "Alabama"

'You must not be shot or arrested as you drive across the proud state of Alabama. but you will get bonus points if you can get one of the others shot or arrested.

(Note: Nanny Tube reversed the image so reading " Man Love Rules" wouldn't incite you.)

Since I first touted TOP GEAR my newest favorite television show of all time, readers have continually asked if I'd seen Jeremy Clarkson drive through Alabama with a "Hillary for President" sign.  Well I just did see it, and it's so much more than that. Here's the 60-Minutes treatment. By the way, the various signs include  "Hillary For President;" Man Love Rules;"and  "NASCAR SUCKS"

Local Resistance Movement via TUA

turdkennedy's successor (rollover)

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Newspeak is a fictional language in George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four.  In the novel, it refers to the deliberately impoverished language promoted by the state. - Wikipedia
Big Brother is Watching You
Angus sent me a fine list of current examples.

Gun Collection  Arsenal of Weapons    
Swamp Delicate Wetlands
Illegal Alien Undocumented Worker
Synthetic Fiber Cruelty-Free Materials
Well-protected Heavily Armed
Righteous Narrow-minded   
Coerced Theft Taxes / Your Fair Share  
Gun Confiscation Commonsense Gun Control
 Stump Removal Powder
Illegal Hazardous Explosives
Unborn Baby Nonviable Tissue Mass    
Socialism Equal Access to Opportunity
High Crime Area Multicultural Community
Marxism Fairness / Social Progress    
Self-Employed Upper Class / "The Rich "
Big Government Scheme Progressive, Change 
Bums /Welfare Leeches Homeless or Disadvantaged
Scoped Deer Rifle Sniper Rifle  
Higher Taxes Investment For the Future  
Socialized Medicine Healthcare Reform  
Conservative Extremist, Judgmental, or Hater
Homeschoolers Truants
Criminal or Lazy Good-For-Nothing Victim or Oppressed 
Standard Capacity Magazine High Capacity Magazine 
Church-going Religious Zealot   
Employer or Land Owner Exploiters / "The Rich "
NRA Members The Gun Lobby    
Semi-Auto (Grandpa's M1 Carbine)
Assault Weapon  
New Taxes and Higher Taxes Fiscal Stimulus
Chinese Mercury-Laden Light Bulbs Mandated Eco-Friendly Lighting   
Say again? Same Sex Marriage
Undocumented worker

Boston's Mayor: Scofflaw

When Democrats are in charge