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John and Mary sell the Mercedes

S'plain this Lucy
Congress ditches Obama on debt talks

Harry Reif Pissed On

I found this Politico article pretty interesting when I read it this morning, especially where Pelosi had to march Harry Reid out by the scruff of the neck to keep his head from doing a 360.  He's furious that Republicans are only talking short-term debt ceiling at best. Just after I read it, Roll Call reported that Obama will veto any short term extension.  Democrats want spending maintained through the 2012 election.  How obvious can they get?

But there was something else that's been bugging me.  This.

Harry Reif Pissed Off
John and Mary are spoiled Gen-X brats who are used to having stuff now.   While John earns a mid six-figure income, they are drowning in debt.    Finally, unable to sleep at night, they've  decided to get a grip.  They'll have to sell their home in Potomac, MD and move to Prince George's County,  where homes are cheaper and his commute to work much shorter.  Their daughters, age 13 and 15, are still crying hysterically as we speak with the news that Bullis Prep is out, and public school in.  Mary, a proliferate spender,  sobs as well while taking scissors to about a dozen credit cards.  Depending on what their home sells for, John figures that they can become solvent in from 5 to 8 years.  He calls his mortgage company, bank, credit card companies and other debtors and petitions them.  He assures that monthly interest payments will be paid promptly, with payment on the principal rationed for the time being.  Here's the responses.

The Mortgage Holder: "Yes, but only if you take out a third mortgage with us."
The Credit Card Company: "Yes, but only if you increase your average monthly purchases,"
The Car Loan Company:  "Yes, but only if you trade in for a new Mercedes S600 sedan."
Mookys Rating Se vice:  Unless you take out additional loans in order to keep spending up, your credit rating will be lowered and you'll have to get credit from Crazy Al's Finance.

Ridiculous?  Of course.  So explain  this to me.

With rating agencies warning about downgrading the United States’ credit, which could lead to a surge in interest rates and a shock to the markets, (if the debt limit isn't raised)

Am I missing something?   I'm not the only one at sea here, pretty sure of that.  Remember, we are in good shape when it comes to meeting our interest obligations - as long as we sell the Mercedes, send the kids to public school, and quit  hiring  pool-boys and  French chefs.  So what's with the threats from ratings services like Moodys and S&P?  Raise your debt limit or else ... .?
                          Real Question

Nice Tent

Can you beat this guy's caption?

Nice Tent - Butt

Peasant pheasant

Reflections about Norway

Random thoughts about something a lot of people I know and like care much more about than me and made me look at stuff about Anders Behring Breivik

Supra, we all know that people on the right Aslak Nore can forget about getting anything published. Believe me, we have tried at all for years. We had of course had a greater chance to penetrate the kulturmarxistiske press censorship if any of us had had a Somali background, or was an Egyptian copter but I am unfortunately not:). You must also remember that there is no free press in Norway. Aftenposten was the ONLY culture conservative newspaper in Norway, but they were known as the coup of kulturmarxister in 1972.  100% of the national mediacompanies now support multiculturalism full heart and none of these will help to underminethis ideology. It should at least be mentioned that the situation improves drastically from the man is 18 years. The reason is that most of the Muslims I spoke not have grades to get into good VGS.

comments by  Anders Behring Breivik

Obama News By Obama Media

  1. I'm not that familiar with Norwegian politiks, or even Europe's— which approximately 50 states I view as 50 Northern Californias.
  2. It would appear from Breivik's writings that if Norway had FOX News, i.e. a news source reporting news ignored by their kulturmarxistiske press, this may not have boiled over.  Just now.  The way it did. There is nothing worse than government scripted  news (except maybe government scripted educators), and we Americans at least have some alternatives.  I mean, what the hell,   I'd still throw the entire Washington press corps down a volcano in a heartbeat, and with salutary effect.
  3. Charles Johnson has much in common with Newt Gingrich.  Like Newt, he performed a valuable service to our Republic, only to later become a confused blathering idiot. .  "Kilgore Trout," the moderator of LGF (Charles?) is another left-wing hack who holds Pamela Geller (as a stand-in for conservative bloggers) responsible for  what happened.
  4. Leftist sighs of relief that Anders Behring Breivik was not another leftwing J. Loughner are audible.
  5. What?  You don't know Loughner?
  6. Unlike Loughner and Holger Meins (whom nobody remembers), the left media will (I'm betting) turn Anders Behring Breivik into an iconic symbol of evil, invoking his name as a warning every time someone asks "What?  You're not a Mahometanphobe?  Why in heaven's name not?".  
  7. The left will, and probably have, compare Anders Behring Breivik with Timothy James McVeigh.  And they'd be right.
  8. The left is so afraid of Obama-Hitler comparisons they resurrected a perversion of Godwin's Law in the same manner they discovered (actually, manufactured) Dwight Eisenhower's adultery to absolve Clinton. (Hey, I said random thoughts)
  9. I don't care about Anders Behring Breivik anymore.  Not with Obamunistas running free. Throw them all down a volcano.
  10. Click-click.

Breivik comment from James McD

Gus wanted an Indoor pool

Gus wanted an Indoor pool