Friday, August 05, 2011

Nip Slip and Obama slippage

Nicki Minaj nipple slip goes live on 'Good Morning America'

Nicki Mina nipple
Semi-exclusive inchage

Other miscellany

'Mob' beatings at WI state fair...

'Hundreds of young black people beating white people'...

Fairgoers 'pulled out of cars'...

'They were just going after white people'...

NEWT: 'Most Effective Food Stamp President in History'...

Record 45.8 million dependent...

Jobless rate: 9.1%...

GOV'T: Payrolls increase by 117,000...

But number of U.S. workers DROPS by 38,000!


FANNIE MAE seeks $5.1 billion more from taxpayers...

So that's what they look like,


Teach Me To Dougie


Kerry Unhinged ...

Unhinged Continued
John Kerry: Media Has "Responsibility" To "Not Give Equal Time" To Tea Party

John Kerry Tarred and Feathered

SEN. JOHN KERRY: "And I have to tell you, I say this to you politely. The media in America has a bigger responsibility than it's exercising today. The media has got to begin to not give equal time or equal balance to an absolutely absurd notion just because somebody asserts it or simply because somebody says something which everybody knows is not factual."
My god!  Kerry just indicted the entire Democrat Media Complex, and is too cloistered in Liberal dogma and too stupid to know it.   Trust me, these guys are verging on trying something very stupid,  very unlawful and very frightening.— even for them.
 [* says silent prayer of thanks for George W. Bush and Karl Rove*].

Obamacare Bear Says ....


Common Sense- Free Market



A little German lingo there

Commies Mitt Guns

This cycle's John McCain speaks words

Obama Failed Because We Needed a Larger, Longer Stimulus  - This election cycle's John McCain

Romney Words

Translation from Chameleon-speak: Romney is hinting that the economy — the fire — needed not just more stimulus, but longer-lasting stimulus. Instead of pouring on a little gasoline to kick start the fire, we’d needed a slow-burning log that would provide fuel for a longer period. Except for the implied nonsense that spending on workers and goods/services by the private sector creates jobs but the same spending by government doesn’t, he almost sounds like all those liberal economists — Krugman, Thoma, Stiglitz, Galbraith, Baker, et al. [Scarecrow]

Yesterday's news, ballyhooed by all the usual suspects, that  Romney is tied with Obama in Florida struck me as proof of Romney's puny popularity, not strength.   I mean, come on.  Tied with the least popular man in America?  Sheesh.

When Maher talks ....

No More Mr. Nice Guy

According to Maher, with the economy in the shape it is in, Obama is beatable. 'Absolutely, I do, especially where the economy is going,' Maher said. 'I mean, they're getting what they want. They want the economy to tank, because that's their best ticket to beat Obama. And the bill they just forced him to sign is a great start to ensure that we have this double-dip recession. [Maher on Obama: ‘The magic is gone’]
Maher Unhinged

Apparently there are still huge segments of the unhinged left yet to catch up on the latest party doctrine.  In fairness to Maher, he's prolly focusing all his energy on overtaking Fashion Police Weekly

House Cinema

Playing now in the house cinema is part 2 of Jeremy Clarkson meets the German neighbors.  The Germans hated it, but then they don't laugh.

Keep It Gay

One can only conclude you’re not allowed to have pride unless you’re discriminated against.
Keep It Gay

*snort* - Ruh-Roh

great deep fried Caesar’s ghost stuck on a stick like a tar baby! in crosshairs!
I didn't read the article because I soiled myself reading the title

'We Got Nothing' .....

Carney: "Norah"
Norah: “Where are the tax revenues? … We got nothing.”
CBS White House Correspondent Norah O’Donnell