Saturday, August 06, 2011

The Racist NO NEW TAX Conspiracy

Members of Congress who signed no-new taxes pledges are engaging in a criminal conspiracy to overthrow the government of the United States because President Obama is black.

That’s the theory put forward by Calvin O. L. Henry, president of the Oregon Assembly for Black Affairs, in a July 5 letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

Ruh-Roh.  This is going to be a much nastier depression than the thirties version, when comparably few gangstas -  like Bonnie and Clyde  -  acted up.  This time we have whole classes of people who don't obey laws they don't like,  have a huge sense of entitlement, and now, evidently, are told the reason we hate Obama is because he's Black..   Not because he's a racist Marxist thug, but because of his skin color.   Shoot.  Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden are White, and we hate them just as much, and for the same reason. 

In a similar vein ...
The Elite Is Revolting

Remember Al Gore?  ... 

"The nonviolent part of it isn't finished yet, but we need to have an American spring ... Gore made a direct appeal to somebody named Keith:

"I want to tell you, Keith, this country is in trouble. Our democracy has been withering on the vine. It really has been. This has been going on for some time. But this is not an event that can be taken lightly. I know it's difficult to imagine that people who care about the values that this country was based on will rise up and get much more involved in the democratic process. But that is exactly what we need, and that is the only thing that can get our country back on the right track." [more]

Bankrupt in 136 Words

Recent History in 136 Words

On spending, it is important to recall how extraordinary the blowout of the last three years has been. We've seen nothing like it since World War II. Nothing close. The nearby chart tracks federal outlays as a share of GDP since 1960. The early peaks coincide with the rise of the Great Society, the recession of 1974-75, and then a high of 23.5% with the recession of 1982 and the Reagan defense buildup.
Obama Pelosi Blowout

From there, spending declines, most rapidly during the 1990s as defense outlays fell to 3% of GDP in 2000 from its Reagan peak of 6.2% in 1986. The early George W. Bush years saw spending bounce up to a plateau of roughly 20% of GDP, but no more than 20.7% as recently as 2008.

Then came the Obama blowout, in league with Nancy Pelosi's Congress. [Full]

But Wait!  27 more words.  My Treat.
As of the end of the second quarter of 2011, the US GDP was 15.003 trillion.[6] Total Public Debt Outstanding as a percentage of GDP was 100% [Source- United States public debt]

6 times

my plan, nuke pakiston

Is there a good time to shart?

Oh my ...

There is never a good time for shart, but ... egad.

Reactions to the Downgrade

Lemon Lemmings

Lemonade Stand model for American Bidness Climate
When life gives you a lemon gummint -
too f'n bad

Patrick's brother, Alex, said the audit has probably destroyed their business. "We were really excited, because Mom had agreed to give us $8 this week to buy Splenda so we could start selling diet lemonade, too. But, selling lemonade just isn't that much fun now."  [Full Audit]

A Stand-in for American Business

Midst the spate of kid lemonade stands being shut down by officious ass-hats, IRS involvement is a new twist. Patrick Davis (8) had his stand audited by the IRS last week.  He says it's because he made an anti-war statement (I miss my dad).
Anthony Mallett, a field agent with the IRS, said the reason for the audit has nothing to do with Davis' "anti-war tirade, but everything to do with the fact that his business expenses clearly exceed his income." [Etc]
Does it matter? After two weeks in business, the lemonade stand has generated $10 in revenue.  More importantly is the business climate that exists today.  If you think what we need is a relaxation of myriad regulations that stifle business, fat chance.  At least we're showing signs of fighting back ..
Lemonade tyranny
Public fights back against dream-crushing bureaucrats

On Aug. 20, over a hundred people have so far pledged to gather on the Capitol’s west lawn to protest the petty bureaucracy that thinks threatening children with fines is a proper use of taxpayer resources. The organizers promise that they are ready to go to jail for the ultimate act of civil disobedience: offering a refreshing cup of lemonade on a sultry afternoon on the nation’s front lawn for 10 cents.
"We're willing to go to jail" may not be the best mindset.  Ahem. Maybe time for a Job Fair.

Bad/Hilarious commercials

Job Fair

And the answer is ....?

The birth certificate please!
Subpoena to be delivered Attorney, doc experts to show up at Hawaii Department of Health with court document

Taitz's subpoena was served upon Loretta Fuddy, director of the Hawaii Department of Health. Hawaii Deputy Attorney General Jill Nagamine is representing Fuddy.

Because Fuddy neglected to file opposition to the court-issued subpoena within the 14 days specified, the Hawaii DOH appears to have little recourse but to comply with the subpoena by producing the Obama original birth certificate for Taitz's examination. [Full]

Fuddy's  failure to file opposition to the subpoena was either through bureaucratic neglect - or purposeful - because Obamunists know it will pass muster.  Either way, this is all I, or anyone else for that matter, have ever wanted.  I do admit to hoping it's a fraud because that will  add a moral component to undoing Obamacare and anything else the sumbitch has perpetrated as "president."  Also, if it leads to a final determination that Obama is ineligible,  we have a chance to see Nancy Pelosi executed for conspiracy and treason.  Such is the level of my personal schadenfreude.