Friday, August 26, 2011


F'n coons

Racoons are cute but nasty

Since we've lived in this house raccoons have broken into the garage refrigerator twice, stealing a whole salmon, and then  the leftover turkey.  They break into the garbage can we store the bird food in. Sometimes I'm alerted by the sound of the lid hitting the deck. On one such occasion I beamed one with a flashlight, still in the can. It looked at me with disdain, then carried on. One killed my neighbor's dog; a whole herd set up housekeeping in another's attic.  This year, of a sudden, we can't keep our humming bird feeders filled.  Most every morning they're empty, often laying on the ground.  Since it's a night job we know it's not squirrels, however we've yet to catch them, so maybe it's unfair to stereotype them as inveterate thieves and home invaders, but there you have it.  We do. F'n coons.

Obama's 2012 Victory Tour

Obama's 2012 Victory Tour
Pssst - this is footage from his 2008 Victory Tour that was never released.

More Islamo Idiocy

Viktor "Bohunk" Koran
Accused "underwear bomber" wants to be judged by Koran
     On one condition.  Meet ... 

Viktor "Bohunk" Koran

.... Viktor Koran, aka "The Bohemian Torpedo"

Viktor "Bohunk" Koran

Huntsman, indeed ...

Krauthammer: ‘Huntsman is a liberal’s idea of what a Republican ought to be’

When a Republican  governor quits his job to be Obama’s ambassador to China, as John Huntsman did, and then magically appears among the top GOP presidential candidates, as proclaimed by the media—  puh-leeeeze.  Nice try Captains Obvious. 

Baby Sitting

Fun Doody

Adventures with grandaughter

I've been posting less than usual lately as some may have noticed, and even rejoiced over. And my E-mail is just clogged. Because Poppy (that's  me, so I guess that makes MoSup "moppy?")  is taking care of the princess granddaughter #2.   Her mommy and daddy are celebrating their anniversary the old fashioned way, by riding a train to New York City and spending lots and lots of money for everything.  We too are having great fun and adventure.  Here I'm teaching her how to eat fried potatoes on the couch; it's something I invented. Sometimes she makes me sad, because even at two years she's smarter than me; she can speak Spanish. Well, it's time for my mid-morning nap.

Hah.  She heard me and is saying "Have a nice nap Poppy" (Grammy dijo que si se queda dormido otra vez debería llamar a la policía Poppy)

Making you feel more insignificant than you already thought ...

Yes, we are all pissants
some more than others

Pick up your toys Al, it's naptime

  the fabulous cuzzin ricky