Thursday, September 01, 2011

Venus Williams Forgets To Wear Underpants

What is Sjogren's Syndrome?

Venus Williams

I have no idea what Sjogren's Syndrome is, but apparently it makes you very forgetful (Caution - NSFW - Venus's Mount of Venus is displayed)

Obama's Phony SS Number

Orly's T'aint

Judge Lamberth was a real thorn in the Clinton's backside during the Clinton Terror,  even referring Ira Magaziner (Hillary Care point man)  for criminal contempt prosecution  for supplying false information to the court ( U.S. Attorney Eric Holder refused to act). As I remember, Stephanopoulos was similarly charged by Lambert.  Still, in the matter of Obama's birth,  Lamberth has consistently found reasons to quash suits sent to him.  His concern for the "President's security" here is insightful as to his mindset, although I would argue that the nation's security is the trump card  in all things Obama.   Thanks to Justin Credible for the tip.  As for Orly, I admire the hell out of her perseverance.  

The Tar Sands of Me a Weenie

From the "Timmy, Lassie was rabid so I had to shoot her " Files:

I wonder if any of those people can find themselves in Penn & Teller's  Bullshit - Global Warming? (Warning- Filthy F'n Language)


We So Hongry


MLK is a real HLK!

Maya Angelou says King memorial inscription makes him look ‘arrogant’

What a HLK
She Has a Dream