Friday, September 02, 2011

The Bomber Next Door

These American blacks OK with violent attacks
PEW study shows high number holding favorable views of al-Qaida

Fully 28 percent of U.S.-born black Muslim respondents said "suicide bombings and other violence against civilians" can be justified sometimes or at least in rare cases. That compares with 9 percent of foreign-born Muslims who hold the same view.Nation of Islamo Rage

 Pew also found that 11 percent of black Muslims living in the U.S. have a favorable opinion of al-Qaida – more than double the share of U.S. Muslims overall who hold that view. Another 21 percent of black Muslims hold only mildly unfavorable views of the terrorist organization responsible for attacking America 10 years ago; while 56 percent of that segment of the Muslim population hold very unfavorable views.


Why, you WHORE!

When alum failed

Hymen Deprived
“I just found out last night that my fiancee is not a virgin!” The young man before me was earnest. “Now that I know this, do you think that we should marry? Will I ever be able to trust her?”


Some may say that this girl is the exception to the rule, and that once a girl begins sexual relations, she loses her inhibitions in this regard. Many boys seem to have this point of view. This, however, is not a sound assumption. It involves, in my opinion, a male error in the understanding of the female point of view [He said he loved me and would not lose respect for me and would call me in the morning].

This 1965 article is an accurate barometer of the times.  The 60's hippie revolution had yet to get a toe hold, and mothers had not counseled their daughters on the "riding a horse or bicycle" excuse, nor had super glue been invented.  Girls then tended to remain chaste until they were pretty sure of bagging a keeper.  Anyway, the problem had been outsourced to Planned Parenthood, and chastity  hasn't been a problem since.  It's worked out swell.

"Out of Touch" presidents

Scan This Mr. Media Man

[Boston Globe, February 6, 1992]
President Bush, according to reporters who followed him around Tuesday at the National Grocers Association convention in Orlando, Fla., had never before seen a supermarket cash register on which the name of the item and its price flashed on a screen when the item was dragged across an electronic scanner.

The scanner was introduced at supermarket checkouts in 1980, the year Bush was elected vice president, and is just one of the many aspects of everyday life from which a president (or vice president) is shielded in the private life of public office.
Maybe there will be time next year to try some of these things. After 12 years' vacation from the real world, there will be a lot of catching up to do. 

The New York Times and ilk [snidely] went to great lengths in 1992 to make the case that President George H.W. Bush, then running against Bill Clinton for reelection, was "out of touch with the American people" and responsible for the "worst economy in 50 years."  If you watched the actual video of this incident, you'd see Bush politely inquiring about technology he was being shown.  At any rate, if the media felt justified in portraying Bush 41 as "out of touch," let's see how they handle this.
Obama Unaware


It's not the Tea Party
It's American townfolk
It's not Black People
It's the Kommie Kookie Monster

Flight of the Commie Cookie Monster

Nuke The Yalu

Romney invitation divides the tea party
Or, as I call it, unmasking the poseurs and "nuking the Yalu"

Frikken OW!

Hurry Up And Say "Amen" Damn You!

Congressional Black Caucus Serial Thieves

For ‘briefing,’ $20,000 lunch is on the House
Rep. Laura Richardson  It's a Frickin' Culture of Corruption I Tells Ya!

It was a Polynesian-themed event - Huli Huli Chicken, fried rice, green salad, Hawaiian sweet rolls” for 1,000, said Chris Kuhles of Jay’s Catering, which received the funds. For dessert, truffle cake.

Rep. Laura Richardson
ASSOCIATED PRESS Rep. Laura Richardson, California Democrat and card carrying Congressional Black Caucus member, used congressional office expense funds to host an expensive, multicourse luncheon May 20 in her district, according to records released this week

A congresswoman who has been investigated by authorities for misuse of public money billed $20,000 to taxpayers for an elaborately catered luncheon this summer, the only one of its size funded by the public.

Rep. Laura Richardson, California Democrat, used her congressional office fund, normally set aside for expenses such as payroll, computers and paper, to host a multicourse luncheon May 20 in her district, records released this week show.

“It was a Polynesian-themed event - Huli Huli Chicken, fried rice, green salad, Hawaiian sweet rolls” for 1,000, said Chris Kuhles of Jay’s Catering, which received the funds. “For dessert, truffle cake.” [Full]

I guess Bob Dole is Unavailable? .

GOP Insiders: Would Be Better Off With Romney for 2012

Insufferable Stage Mother

— That's one fugly baby lady


Quote of the Day

Any GOP Member who does NOT yell “you lie!” at least once during Obama’s “jobs” speech should be given a primary and run out of town.

- [ Lexington Green asking How WRONG would it be to make myself a Quote of the Day???]