Saturday, September 03, 2011

Salutary Effect of Whitened Teeth

Today's Tip for Novice Photo Portrait Artists
Whitening teeth can have dramatic results

Teeth Whitened
Not Whitened - Roll for Whitened

Dramatic, huh?  You're welcome.  Next lesson:  No to "Landing Strips" for Men

Jerrold Nadler - Ahem

More Jerold Nadler (Yawn)Idiocy
This quote is the good part

“By Senator Clinton’s own vetting standards, I don’t think she would make it, since President Clinton pardoned or commuted the sentences of two members of the Weather Underground.”

 Barrack Hussein Marshall Obama Soetoro, responding to Hillary Clinton’s criticism of his relationship with Bill Ayers, April 17, 2008 ABC News debate

Jerrold Nadler - The Early Years
Obama went on to pardon the  Weather Underground. terrorists Clinton missed. 

7 Islamo Myths

The Seven Myths About Islam
Seven Myths About Islam

Perry Supported by CAIR? SAY IT AIN"T SO - Okay, it's not.

Governor Perry's Islam Connection
Being a lifelong critic of Islam, red flags popped up in my head at Perry's purported cozy relationship with Islam

Lopping Head Home Study

Another line of argument implying Perry's Islamic leanings, if not his out-and-out support, pertains to inclusion of Islam in the state's educational curriculum.  I looked closely into that claim, because it is indeed a critical juncture where young minds can indeed be influenced.

The nuggets of the Muslim history curriculum Perry helped coordinate in Texas are summarized below.  It says:

   1. Countries of Western Civilization have secular governments, which means great toleration of cultural and religious differences.
   2. Countries of Islamic Civilization for the most part either have religiously dominated governments or demands to make them more religious, which means less toleration of cultural and religious differences.
   3. Muslims often lack respect for Western traditions and points of view. The Muslim relationship to the West is colored by the belief that Western beliefs [whether Christian or atheist] are defective and therefore inferior to Islam.
[American Thinker Full]

PS, from the article - "Although Perry's cordial relationship with the Ismailis is indeed true, it hardly warrants alarm.  What is more disturbing is the claim, nearly all of it originating from one source (Debbie Schlussel?), that Governor Perry is supported by CAIR."