Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I saw the devil

Snitch on a neighbor II

  "Forming the first line of defense against a barrage of misinformation won't be easy," Messina wrote in a fundraising email to campaign supporters. "Our success will depend on a team of researchers and writers to stay on the lookout for false claims about the President and his record, bring you the facts, and hold our opposition accountable."

The site features ominous red-white-and-black graphics and a form called "Report an attack." There's also a Facebook page, which we're told is a parody, but who can tell? The whole thing is both creepily paranoid and bumblingly buffoonish, as if produced by a chimera of Richard M. Nixon and Wile E. Coyote.  [Full]

I know what you're thinking.  Hey, that sumbitch did the same thing with his  "Snitch on Mommy and Daddy" Obamacare debacle! JFC!  Doesn't this guy ever learn?  And the answer is, yes he can learn; and already has.   Obama is so arrogantly and  single-mindedly focused on his subjugation of us to his will that failures are simply dismissed, and retried.  These are very evil people. But you know that.

UPDATE - See commnent #21.
I heard on the radio yesterday that a woman in Virginia has posted a question at this .gov site asking whether the site will be available in the original German unclemike

Colon Blow

When you have the photo, but not the story ...

Barry;s Colon Blow

 Los Angeles - On a tour of the city Wednesday,  President Obama  touted West Coast Colon Blow as the kind of small business that will benefit from his Jobs Bill. 

"Mr. Butters" girl

A Star is Born
Hit it Mr.Butters

Who's the hot nerd chick? She makes want to burn all of my Joan Cusack posters. I just hope she isn't as politically insane as JC. //

Near as I can tell the "Mr. Butters" girl is Nataly Dawn of  Pomplamoose.  Whoever she is, buy her stock.


Passenger: Was cuffed, searched over 'appearance'

Shoshana Hebshi said Tuesday that she endured nearly four hours in police custody that included being forced off an airplane in handcuffs, strip-searched and interrogated at Detroit's airport on the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks—all, she believes, because of her Middle Eastern appearance.
Hebshi said she didn't notice how many times the men went to the bathroom. "I wasn't keeping track," she said.  [Full]

Bathroom Police

Prognosis Negative

File: "Lassie was rabid so I had to shoot her"
GOP upset win in NY portends challenge for Obama

CDC Examines Democrat Underground Virus
CDC scientist examines mutant cancer cells from alternative universe

  • Something is terribly wrong. Either the republicans are cheating or we have completely lost the information war. Money is power and the media have been destroyed by it.

  • What's wrong is Obama is walking us into the fan blades again ....

  •  What was in Hebrew Press?

  •  I hope everyone here that wanted Weiner to step down is satisfied.

  • I don't think many people realize the consequences for their choices until it is too late.

  •  What the hell is wrong with people? How anyone can vote for the  Party of thieves and liars is beyond me.

  • read the yahoo comments. Truly some sad, deranged fools.

  • They're a bunch of paid trolls. Yahoo's comments section has been a stinking cesspool for years. I wish the sane people would just stop commenting there, and let the sociopaths drown in their own filth.

  • That explains a lot. No wonder so many fake accounts look obvious on there. Can't these people get a real job?

  • They were played like a cheap fiddle by a teabagger. That's what happens every time any religion is added to the mix.

  • If Americans are dumb enough to vote these people back into congress and the presidency. They deserve everything they get. High unemployment, low wages, no rights at work,

  • Beth Fouhy, the AP writer is obviously a FOX supporter.
Democrat Underground comments

Prognosis - Incurable at this stage

Barry's Boner?

Barry's Boner?
President Barack Obama needs House Speaker John Boehner’s help to muscle a jobs bill through Congress, but he’s betting that Boehner needs the win just as badly.

Barry's Boner?
Well, that's how it's always worked before .... 

Marine Times

Weeping Gyrene Marine Times

There once was a wetback named O

Poetry on Demand

Insta -Poem


Machine Gun Preacher Jihad

Machine Gun Preacher Jihad

In "Machine Gun Preacher," Scottish actor Gerard Butler  plays  a true-life story of Sam Childers, a former drug-dealing criminal who undergoes an astonishing transformation and rescues orphans in Muslim-dominant Sudan.  After he  converts  to Christianity.  So we know what happens next right?  Jihad.

Hollywood star Gerard Butler increased his security team at the Toronto Film Festival over the weekend after receiving death threats. [...]

Butler was forced to hire more bodyguards when he took to the red carpet at the Canadian festival after reportedly receiving a string of threatening messages.

A source tells Scotland's Daily Record, "It is quite a controversial subject and some people are upset by the strong religious theme. We are treating this matter seriously."  [Full]

I'm guessing the Sudanese are upset that the Childers character does not have sex with the children, an abomination to some orthodox Muslims.  Or,  it could be as simple as Sudan leading the world in executing Christians for being Christian, and Childers lowered their batting average?    Here's the movie trailer.