Saturday, September 17, 2011

Peeping Tom Saturday

Peeping Saturday

Saturday Peek

  • Brien The Movie Guy - "DRIVE An absorbing, vicious, art house, action flick with a bipolar vibe that, admittedly, isn’t for everyone.
  • News Busters - Pageants and Prostitots
  • Agent Bedhead -  Said "But First, Mistress, I Beg You to Blow Me," in June, then all but disappeared.   I'm worried about foul play.  E-mail  not answered.   Whois this "Mistress?"   Which takes us to ....
  • SondraKistani - Seems to be more interested in "cornholing, a simple but addictive pastime"
    • TUA- I should’ve known to buy more after swiping one of the last few cartons but thought to myself (Trader Joe's Non-Dairy Chocolate Ice Cream)  (Non-Dairy?)  (Yuk)
    • APOTHEOSIS- Discriminatory practices? Perfectly acceptable. Most natural thing in the world. As long as you’re black.
    • CLAIR THE RAGING BARBARIAN  - pulls her shirt up
    • DOUG -  Look!  It's Hard!
  • Michele Malkin  The Cash-for-Visas Program - Congress is pushing to expand a fraud-riddled investor program that puts U.S. citizenship for sale to the highest foreign business bidders.
  • Hot Air Rasmussen: Obama 46, Perry 39
  • Parkway Rest Stop -   An excellent musical tour of the GAHden State  - Uh .... Okie-Doakey
  • I Hate the Media Mayor Thug (Rahm Emanuel) has decided to use health care as a method of controlling the off time lives of city workers.  (story)
  • Jawa Report Good News! JihadJane Warfare Game
  • The O Club  Wow. Regrets of an old feminist hag.. Amazing reading.
  • American Digest  Do Your Duty! You Have the Responsibility as an American to Make Obama Successful.
  • Watts Up With That Complaints over false info in new Times World Atlas grow
  • John Ray(Dissecting Leftism) British women turning Right: Female voters back spanking in the home
  • Moon Battery Presumably that includes the right to masturbate whenever and wherever they please.
  • TigerHawk Twelve tips for the "new normal." Nine, if you aren't a gold bug.
  • Doug Ross    A robot stole my job
  • Best of the Web "Is Al Gore Now a Help or Hindrance to the Global Warming Cause?"--headline, Guardian (London), Sept. 15
  • Chicago Boyz Palin v. Crony Capitalism
  •  Grouchy Old Crip  Saturday Boobage UU
  • View From The Porch  Mubarak's gonna end up with jumper cables clamped to his junk before this is all over."
  • Interested Participant An explanation of politics for Democrat supporters




I don't much care for either of these two, but in this instance I'm with Greta.  (Tucker Carlson owns the Dauly Caller, the article [Mike Tyson: Sarah Palin met ‘the wombshifter’]was written by Jeff Poor).   What I find interesting is lefty sites like Think Progress [disgraceful, explict remarks about Palin with the headline] 

Joe McGinniss - Stalker

Two Stalkers in One!

* "The thing that I found, Savannah, that really surprised me, was that the people who know her best like her least."--Joe McGinniss, author of "The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin," to NBC's Savannah Guthrie, Sept. 15
 * "I think I was as fair as I could possibly have been, given the fact that she told all the people who were closest to her not to talk to me."--McGinniss, same interview

Nice catch by James Taranto

Hi - I'm from the government ...

The District’s spy network
Photo-ticketing machines rolling digital video 24-hours a day.

Gummint Protection

Mr. Brown favors use of such power only on special occasions, “not just surveillance for the sake of surveillance - because I wouldn’t be for that. But I think this weekend showed, my goodness, it was a very important weekend that was taking place in this country. Imagine if they had found something that shouldn’t be there and saved many lives. To me, that’s more important than anything.” [Full]

Please sir, may I have another? .

REP Jim Moron: We Din't Need No Stinking Debt Limit

In a Flash! They'd Be Free!

Jim Moron

Reps. Jim Moran (D-Va.) and Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) spoke at a press conference in Washington on Sept. 14, 2011 to announce legislation to abolish the debt ceiling. ( Starr)

“The debt limit is an unnecessary and counterproductive legislative hurdle that has proved to be both an ineffective means of controlling deficits and a danger to this country’s standing in the financial markets,” Moran said.

The debt limit “poses a serious, recurring threat to the full faith and credit of the United States of America,” Moran said. He called it a “legislative relic” that has been “weaponized” by Republicans for political reasons.

Well, that was easy.