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Is it really 'lock and load' time?

The Game is on ....

I find this pretty unbelievable, but at the same time a validation of of what I've preached.  The unbelievable part is this. Honest journalists are laughing at the left's lame attempt to field their own Teaparty, but none seem to have a clue about who is behind it. The Teaparty was spontaneous in its creation; this Occupy The Wall deal is as scripted as an Obama speech to school kids. As one bloke I ran across commented.

...  did anyone think that a modern day college student or recent college graduate would have enough smarts to organize anything? Most can‘t even do enough in life to move out of their parents’ basements. College students are filled with nothing but words these days. No skills. No independent thinking. They talk a lot about individualism, but they are the herd. They are the conformists and are terrified by true liberty and independent thought.

 This, I believe, an overt attempt to destabilizing our government, and take control. It is not a dry run. They're in position to succeed too. The President is with them, and can declare martial law if they're confronted and street fighting erupts. Once that's accomplished we have zero rights.  Many will think I've gone round the bend I know; I sure as hell hope they're right. But look at the evidence. 

Pelosi and Piven are the same person.

Shocking Video: Frances Fox Piven & Fellow Professors Indoctrinating College Students at CUNY To Get Involved and Be Ready For Violent Street Battles & Breaking Down Capitalism

Frances Fox Piven. Many of you  know about her (The Cloward-Piven Strategy) via the Discover the Newworks site.  Watching her in action in an American classroom, as can above. is chilling.  I have a better understanding now why the left was so anxious to defame and denounce J.Edgar Hoover's FBI and Sen. Joe McCarthy. 

Renew America's 'Marxist Mother Duck, Frances Fox Piven interviewed at 'Occupy Wall Street'  addresses her role in the uprising.  Read it.

Rotting AF1

Criminally grand socioeconomic saboteur, Marxist revolutionary, and inciter of violence, Frances Fox Piven recently appeared in a neo-Marxist "Democracy Now!" interview.

Video Exposing How ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Was Organized From Day One by SEIU/ACORN Front – The Working Family Party, and How They All Tie to the Obama Administration, DNC, Democratic Socialists of America, Tides and George Soros

In 1994, a New Party newspaper listed more than 100 activists “who are building the NP;” some names among the list of 100 were Noam Chomsky, Frances Fox Piven, Wade Rathke, Cornel West, Jon Barton of SEIU, Maude Hurd of ACORN and Margaret Shelleda of SEIU.

Here's a comment from the page:

This protest is going to go nowhere. Why? It’s a dry run. They had to have an alpha run to prepare for the 2012 Presidential Election.

Cheering Economic Terrorism – SEIU Getting Ready to ‘Terrify’ DC: Stephen Lerner at SEIU Meeting Outlines Rules for Creating a Crisis — We Want Their Kids to Hate Them, Name Enemies Like Glenn Beck, Shut Down Bridges, Long Occupations, Recruit Tea Party

When Joe Biden Speaks .....

Today's Featured Sorry-Ass
Biden on U.S. Economy: ‘We Have Turned It Around’

Biden loses a friend
When pressed by NBC Meet the Press moderator David Gregory about the Obama administration’s role in the current state of the U.S. economy, Vice President Joe Biden said, “We have turned it around,” adding that Americans believe the Bush administration “got us in this trouble.”
If you think about it, D'Oh Joe is right.  They have turned the economy around in craptacular fashion.

Michael Moore's Last Words LOL



Robinson for Congress

GOP Congressional Candidate Attacks Rick Perry on Immigration

But Wait!
.... "a Mexican Restaurant which hosts a $1000 a plate fundraiser for fatcats undoubtedly celebrating continued access to cheap drywall and other 7 million jobs held by illegals while 14 million Americans look for work."

"If Governor Perry's amnesty policy is adopted, it will mark the first time a Texan has surrendered to Mexico in 175 years," continued Robinson. Robinson called for using troops to secure the border, implementing e-Verify, cutting off welfare to illegal immigrants, an end to ballot printed in Spanish and other foreign languages, rescinding birthright citizenship, and restricting the jurisdiction of federal judges who stand in the way.

Robinson for Congress
Robinson, who has run for Congress unsuccessfully before, is a conservative firebrand. One of his favorite lines is, "Jesse Helms is back -- and this time he's black!" The district Robinson is running in, currently represented by Democrat Larry Kissel, has been redrawn to make it more Republican.
I understand the necessity for  any Texas politician to curry the Messican vote,  but when those alliances lead you to ignore the law-  expect to be called on it.  It's a good thing.