Monday, October 24, 2011

BAD JUDGES - Used to be a Democrat Hallmark ....

Appointed by: George W. Bush
JFC.  It's like leprosy!

Show me a nice smile ... .



Alone in his hooch ...

Sigh Hoes in the Outfield
Today's Toast


I think I found this on some Russian picture site without explanation.  It gives me standing arm hair.

Iconic Whiners ........

The ones we’ll remember:
The characters of ‘Occupy Wall Street’

I posted this video last week, and now it's evidently become the iconic video of the OWS era.  Make sure you see the pasty-face girl whiner at the end.  She's so iconic that I may replace generic-maggot pie girl — she's been my pasty-poster girl since August, 2003, with her.  But, maybe not.

Fleaparty Art by Political Follies

Food Stamp Sit-in .......


GOP demontrates against overspending

Budget for food stamps ballooning out of control

Sessions' 'Solyndra Rule' would prevent the federal government from spending more money until it ends current waste, fraud and abuse for which the solar company Solyndra has become the poster company.  A good government should not ask people for more tax money until they can assure them that they're operating on a sound basis,' he told TheDC." So now, "Not spending money we don't have" will become "Hating the poor." Oh well.

GOP boycotts overspending
GOP lunch counter sit-in protest against Democrat's outrageous over-spending.

Parties and Sandwiches ....

the party of the century

Don Carlos de Beistegui y de Yturbe

And, there is the  sandwich. 
No, not Earl of Sandwich
Not the waitress sandwich
The  Monte Cristo.sandwich




... like the despicable John McCain being defeated by Barack Obama. Disaster

Akbar Nation

"All these protests in Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan and Yemen are inspired by Iran's Islamic revolution and these countries are de facto rocked by the aftershock of the Iranian revolution," [senior Iranian cleric Ayatollah Ahmad] Khatami claimed

All of this is a shorthand way of saying that the Iranian revolution and the Muslim Brotherhood share a similar political ideology, even if their theology is different. In other words, the differences between Sunnis and Shiites are not insurmountable from either Iran's or the Muslim Brotherhood's point of view. When Ayatollah Khatami roots for the protesters in Egypt, then, it is a safe bet that he and others in Iran are specifically cheering on the Muslim Brotherhood. [Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood, and revolution]
This is like the despicable John McCain being defeated by Barack Obama.  A disaster for the free world.  The same people who cheered then, cheer now. 

I listened this morning to heads on FOX and Friends wondering aloud, "now that we are leaving Iraq (an action condemned even by Ron Paul! for chrisake), will Iran take advantage?"   Am I the smartest man on the world? That's right, not even close.  They, then, must be the dumbest.  The media universally applaud as, one by one,  autonomous middle east tyrants are overthrown by hard core Islamo monsters who openly proclaim their intentions to create one giant Islamic state.  How short sighted can media be?