Thursday, November 10, 2011

What I SEE

Three Pictures = Six Things

DIFFICULTY Here's three pictures I saw today that evoked other images.  I'm betting that all of you will have the same thought for at least one.  If someone sees the same thing for all three - GET OUT OF MY UNDERPANTS!


I know he would, too


Sucking The Public Teat"


The War Hero

I'm Calling G.Hod

Islamo Facist
G. Hod Calling

I'm calling G.Hod


Code Punk


Code Punk Awaiting Execution Fantasy

Say what you want about Code Pink (Okay.) -- we can always count on its members to keep it real and, well, colorful. Remember when the activist group glitter-bombed former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty as he signed books in San Francisco?

And because they never miss an opportunity to show their sheer disdain for the Tea Party-types, members are calling on local authorities to arrest former Vice President Dick Cheney as he arrives in San Francisco today to speak at a private Asian conference at the Palace Hotel.

Naturally, the group has organized an "Arrest Cheney"  presence outside the hotel equip with provocative banners, flyers, and, yes, there will be people dressed in black-and-white jail "outfits," wearing Cheney masks.
San Francisco Weekly

That this guy is catering to a like-minded audience (San Fran) is justification enough for the forthcoming Barn Army nuclear strike on the Bay Area.  This has been cathartic for me. You?


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