Saturday, November 26, 2011

My World of Bathrooms

Clearance Pictures

Nobody's Occupying --


Nobody's Occupying


Climategate !!


The Monster That Will Not Die

Climategate II

Climategate  2.0 – the gift that goes on giving. And you know how good it is from the reaction of the trolls. They're going mental. On the one hand they'd like to insist it's a non-story. On the other hand, the more shrilly they shriek it's a non-story the more evident it becomes just what a great story it is.

Here's an amusing analysis of the warmist trolls' various lines of defence, which I picked up from the comments at Watts Up With That: (H/T Alix James – and a big thanks to all those of you who helped me find him)

Climategate 2.0: the Warmists’ seven stages of grief

Stage 1: they aren’t real emails
Stage 2: they are real emails but they aren’t in context
Stage 3: they are in context, but that’s how scientists work
Stage 4: ok, this isn’t really science, but you guys stole the emails!
Stage 5: this is old stuff
Stage 6: this is nothing
Stage 7: look everyone! Winter storm! See, we have proof of our theories now.

Repeat as needed

Full story.

I wonder if anyone has calculated the cost in money, human suffering and even lives Climate Nazis (yes you Algore)  have been responsible for?  And still they persist.


Salt and Peppered

Not quite up to Kent State standards
—  but a step forward

I was stunned and appalled by the UC Davis Police spraying protestors, but struck by how many brave, curious people recorded the events. I took the four clearest videos and synchronized them. Citizen journalism FTW. Sources below. signed Appalled, Stunned and Peppered

More pepper please


Southern Maryland Shooting Kids

Mt. St Mary's shooting team


smibsid sent me this picture of the Mt. Saint Mary's shooting club (Maryland) .  But there's an interloper. But who? (ROLL OVER ANSWER)

Did you guess right?