Saturday, January 21, 2012

Finn Stoves and Driving School

The Finnish Fire Stove
How come I didn't learn this in Boy Scouts?
Or in Capture and Evasion class?

And this— What Finns must do to get a driver's licence.  This is 'sposed to be USA-USA-USA stuff, not Finns vitun Rule!  (I wonder if I might have some claim to the Finnish throne? ) 


David said...

When I was in boy scouts we were not allowed to have chain saws.

Helly said...

How come I didn't learn this in Boy Scouts?

I'm sure the same cooking task could be done with 95% less fuel. So maybe it was the part about being "thrifty."

DougM said...

Same principle as a star-core solid rocket engine which provides a large burning surface area relative to its mass and focuses the radiated heat to the center. It also sucks air in from the sides, so it convects the hot gases straight up.
Looks like it could be a lot more efficient than a traditional fire layout.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Helly - I understand, but this is,well, man stuff. ZGirld don't understand it. :) Listen to Doug.

Anonymous said...

I just discovered that a few weeks ago myself. I first saw it called the swedish stove.

I have since seen it called a canadian log candle. I first saw it with split wood. The benefit to split wood is that you move them farther apart and it roars, close it up and it simmers. For those that don't like the idea of splitting or cutting with you chainsaw I have put on a different video that shows it with arm size sticks. action starts at about 2:15 on

Of if you want to just use your drill, drill out the middle. Lots of different ways.

My first racing love is Rauno Aaltonen. Known as the Flying Finn. he won the Monte Carlo Rallye in the late 60's. You can go to Finland and he will teach you to race on ice.


DougM said...

Uh, don't listen to Rodge about listenin' to me.

Anonymous said...

thoR said, "I just discovered that a few weeks ago myself." And then you decided to keep it all to yourself, didn't you? Good thing Rodger isn't so stingy with the info.

Hee hee! Just kidding, thoR. Those links to other methods were terrific too. I was an avid student of wood craft as a youngster myself and I never saw this before.

WV: copint - No way. Get your own.

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