Thursday, January 05, 2012

What a Volting Development ...

Fascism on Wheels Report

The top two product disasters were a push-up bra for pre-teens and Netflix’s short-lived Qwikster video-rental spin-off.

But two autos pushed by Obama’s government-directed auto companies won slots No. 3 and No. 6 on Yahoo!‘s ”Worst Product Flops of 2011.”

Chevy Volt is Born
The No. 3 prize went to the battery-powered Chevy Volt, which had been touted by Obama as the green-tech model for future vehicles. It is being built by General Motors — which is still partially-owned by the federal government — but the company only sold 7,000 of the cars by December. Moreover, the federal government is buying some of the vehicles, and is paying for state and local governments, as well as regulated companies, to buy even more.

Obama’s second flop took sixth place.

Fascism on Wheels
The booby prize went to the Fiat 500 auto, which administration officials touted when they arranged for Fiat to buy the ailing Chrysler company.

“The car was expected to be a big seller, rivaling BMW’s Mini… [and] Fiat expected to sell 50,000 500s during 2011 in North America,” according to the Yahoo! Finance Top 7 list. However, “Fiat sold fewer than 12,000 [and] sales were so poor that Chrysler Group, which manages the Fiat brand in the United States, ousted U.S. chief Laura Soave this past November,” noted Yahoo.  Daily Caller

None of this should surprise.  Last year Cato's Patrick Michaels descibed Chevy VOLT as a "case study in the nexus between big government corruption and big business rent-seeking."


K-nine said...

I am SO sick of people like you portraying Obama as hitler!

I mean, come on... Really. Hitler knew how to run a car company.

Anonymous said...

When you look at a Mustang or a 'Vette, you cant help but realize nobody writes songs about Volvos.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

LOL did you watch the Rich Hall clip yet?

Chris in NC said...


And Hitler was able to secure the Olympics...

rwnutjob said...

Don't forget the Fisker Karma. Took a half billion & moved manufacturing to Finland.

Still burns up just like the Volt

Snackeater said...

Before they're through, GM is going to doom the electric car industry the same way they did the diesel car industry back in the 70's: cutting corners and trying to rush an inferior product into the market place. And 0bama helped orchestrate the whole thing. What a moron.

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