Thursday, February 16, 2012

Obama, the Great

Obama, the Great
You see, to be against a great man like our president is to be a bigot.


Mirror mirror

Our president has never been more than an epigone of a great man.  And the cold glare of history will see Barack Obama for the man he truly is -- and it will not matter what the meaning of "is" is.

"The world will little note, nor long remember" Barack Obama, because contrary to his own opinion, he is the nation's worst president.  He is an arrogant, hyper-partisan, race-baiting, committed socialist -- a man whose deliberate attempts to transform the nation into a banana republic, with pictures of himself on the side of every building, have been thwarted only by his need to win one more election.

I can see Jimmy Carter smiling already, having handily won the battle to be penultimate -- if only by default.

People like the president as a person, saying he's a great guy, a good husband, and a fine father.  Good person or not, he has been disastrous as a president.  And he is the worst kind of disaster: a disaster who thinks himself a huge success -- fourth-best president ever -- and that was him just being modest.
[Obama, the Great]

Great rhythm; hits all the right chords.


DougM said...

• And, oh my, the Buckleyish wording:
"autodidactic polymathism"
"self-delusional perception of magnificence"
* And the eschewance of prisoner-taking:
"[T]he only people who fear Barack Obama are Americans."
"Does anyone believe he will be a better leader when he doesn't have to worry about our votes?"
• "Gee, I love that kind'a talk." — Ens. Parker

Anonymous said...

One wakes this morning to find our bright eyed lass at State applying for a job with the world bank. That Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan thing must have been just a dream. The gal who can't find her billing records surely is the one to hand out fistfuls of cash to all the world's deserving poor.

I don't know about you, but I'm carrying one in the chamber today.


Chris in NC said...

Sadly, he'll be re-elected...

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