Thursday, February 23, 2012

Once Upon a Time in ...

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Res Ipsa Loquitur
Fort Worth Texas, 1965

Did I say Fort Worth Texas in 1965?  I meant Tehran, Iran in 1965.  Check out the  Once Upon A Time in Iran slideshow. Once upon a time. Before the  Islamic theocracy.  Although not an Arab nation, like them Persia was also once a fount of advancements in the sciences, mathematics, literature, medicine, and  architecture.  Until things started going backwards for the Arabs in, oh, say the 7th century, AD.  What happened?  I'm just guessing here, but things do  tend to go to hell in a hand basket when people are yoked to a political system which presumes to govern every aspect of their lives. Like when the Ayatollahs snatched power in Iran in the late 1970s.  

For your assignment, write a 1500 word essay explaining how Islam is nothing like modern Liberalism.  Or 20 words, it that's all you need.   

   Gunny  Kim


Anonymous said...

how Islam is nothing like modern Liberalism
Modern Liberals celebrate homosexuality and porn. Islamists hang people for participating.
Otherwise, no difference.

DougM said...

How "Islam is nothing like modern Liberalism,"
by DougM
*ahem* *cough* *sniffle* [opens PowerPoint, fiddles with laser pointer]
Islam is like modern Liberalism
Thank you.
(Autographed copies will be available as you leave the auditorium.)

Wabano said...

Islam's prosperity was based on slaves...

Fact, the Barbary pirates produced so many Christian slaves that they where worth less than an onion...never bothered to even feed them, work them 'till they croaked then buy some more.

When cheap slaves ceased to be available, Islam collapsed. Went down so much the abandoned orphans in Europe and America where called "street Arabs"...

Marie said...

Actually, those who seem to know say there is a huge amount of homosexuality (particularly with young boys) and pornography in Islam.

I have read for example that the highest number of porn searches emanate from the Middle East. Also, the Islamic habit of using boys for sex is accepted, I guess, given the "Dancing Boys" documentary and the documented relationships between older men and their little boy "girlfriends," makes me sick, it is so evil.

No one appears to be bothered by that over there.

Anonymous said...

We imported African slaves for about 200 years and their descendents now make up about 13% of our population. Arabs imported African slaves for well over 1000 years and they had absolutely no descendents.

Are Black Muslims idiots or what?

Freddie Sykes

Skip said...

Isn't Thursday the day islamic guys punk each other?

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine grew up in the middle east. He says they have a saying: "a woman for duty, a goat for sport, and a little boy for pleasure".

Gayle Miller said...

Both are mental diseases!

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