Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Rags 'n Pee, Rag's'n Pee ... "

"Shelly had a dream. But no money for birth control."

His mum had warned, "Ian, if you don't tend to your studies, you'll end up the town urine collector, same as your da." (my caption)

Res Ipsa Loquitur


Anonymous said...

Despite the glittery gold shoes and the new age eco purse, Steve was still unable to blend in at the womens retreat on account of his denims apple.

Jess said...

I can't come up with a better caption, since it's damn near what my mother told me and she was right.

Anonymous said...

My Enema bag did not go well with these shoes, so I accessorized.

On my way to the Man Show's Juggie audition.

Look what I found at the Occupy Site, and some of then are still warm.

I just love the sloshing sound they make when I skip.

Make Way, I am moving inventory from the local Sperm Bank.

Holy Purse Batman

This is my Jugbag

This is my jugbag. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My jugbag is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life.

Carpool portapotty service

Two liter run for Jerry's kids

Maybe they won't notice my gold, silk shoes if I flaunt my jugbag.

Man, I have been walking for 3 blocks and no chicks have noticed my jugs.

What idiot took the time to catch up to this person to take a picture of his jugbag.

Taking my goldfish for a walk is so much fun.

I don't understand, the book said chicks would dig me if i should my six packs.

Do my Dew and then some, big boy.

Definition of light in his loafers.

Helly said...

Shelly had a dream. But no money for birth control.

TimO said...

"Mom's colostomy supplies sure have changed after Obamacare kicked in..."

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Helly wins a ride in the B-52 cockpit.

DougM said...

• Shirley hated spit-bottle swap day at the chewin' tobacco factory.

• Betty cursed these new metric-system mandates.

• Elsie didn't mind her gated community's mandatory recycling rule; and she kind'a understood the need to wash, disinfect, rinse, dry, and nitrogen-purge the empties; but she couldn't fathom the reason why they had to be brought to the recycling center in lots of ten.

• Amy giggled all the way to the recycling center. She had secretly swapped two of the tops. Yep, she was a rebel, our Amy was.

• Wilma wasn't homeless, but she did what she could to show her solidarity with them, as long as she still looked chic.

• Ariadne looked forward to school after her summer job fetching minnows for her dad's bait shop.

• June could hear the snickering as they passed. Why, oh why had she hung the orange soda bottle in plain view?

• Cpl. Klinger realized that he'd need to supplement the cross-dressing with something crazier, if he were ever to get that Section-8 discharge.

• Julie looked like any other environmentally conscious resident, but she was secretly accumulating materials to build a raft and escape from San Francisco to the relative sanity and freedom of Alcatraz.

Enough? Gotta go.

Anonymous said...

Practice bowling pins for those who cannot afford the real thing. Just fill 'em with water and roll...


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