Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cette salope Hillary?

A different kind of Frog story than normal
(What I saw)

I was reading Paris Match earlier this morning and came across this story.  The real headline is in the rollover; this is what I saw.  I bet a lot of you also thought, "MON DIEU! Est-ce putain de salope Hillary Clinton funning à la présidence de la France?" when you first glanced at the picture.  By the by, the real headline states that a Paris Match poll finds communist Jean-Luc Melenchon just two points behind Marine Le Pen in upcoming presidential elections.  LePen, near as I can tell, is the French Ron Paul. If she ends up getting elected we'll all be calling her "Cette salope Françaises."  I like the little guy, what's his name?,  who's president now. Plus his wife is lovely.


Wabano said...

Sarko is famous for being "cocu cornu"...
(He got antlers the size of a moose)...
That said, Marine is the only one over there not sucking up to the mooselimbs!
On the other hand, even if she's "extreme right", she's still way left of Maxine Water...

Anonymous said...

Too bad it was Sarkozy that gave this speech instead of that retard that we have.


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