Thursday, March 29, 2012


Today's Culture - The Hoodie

Res Ipsa Loquitur

El Jefe points us to the NRA's "I stand with Trayvon...."  hoodie.  What the hell, Obama is peddling his  version, and the hoodlum elected to congress Bobbie Rush was thrown off the House floor yesterday for  dressing like Obama, so I guess the "hoodie"  is this era's answer to the Nehru jacket.  The smart shopper of course will purchase a $20 hoodie from K-Mart,  and have RAK fit it with a custom concealment. Men and women with pendulous breasts should ask Rob about his "Boobster" concealment.


Anonymous said...

Lets see. When Malcom X shirts were the rage, southern boys took to wearing rebel flag shirts. 'You wear your X, I'll wear mine' was the slogan. Now, after years of telling us how evil the 'hood' is/was, they embrace hoodies for the same reason. Intimidation. I fear this will not end well. For them.

Anonymous said...

Lol. You'd think black people would be a bit more worrisome of hoods.

Anonymous said...

You know when the Prez said that if "I had a Son he would look like Trayvon".

At first I didn't see the resemblance, I had to research it a little further.

Now I definitely see it:

It's striking.


molonlabe28 said...

I love the smell, feel and looks of fine gun leather (like the kind you linked to).

My birthday is coming up and a Jackass 1911 holster would be a nice accessory.

leelu said...

Gerard has this instead:

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