Sunday, March 25, 2012

Never talk to the police (sometimes)


Never, Ever, Talk to the Police
Lightheartedly spellbinding!

I felt this advice was so important when I first posted it in 2009, that my plan was to reprise it once a year.  I forgot.


Anonymous said...

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

A classic!


MFM said...

I posted this on a blog back in '09. At that time the video was hosted somewhere else.

In the comments was found this concise distillation of the forty some minutes of video"

First, practice these five words, "I have nothing to say".

Second, never lie to the police. If you adhere to the first you will never have to worry about the second.

Anonymous said...

I remember that and it is solid advice. You're best off flat out refusing to talk to the cop because it can be very hard to keep your mouth shut if you try to do the dance. They have a lot more practice than you do.

I got pulled over for speeding a while back. The cop opened with the standard, "Do you know how fast you were going?" Having seen this video I avoided admitting anything so the cop got chatty and eventually said something like, "It sure can be frustrating dealing with all the slow people on the road." and I said, "Yeah." As soon as that one syllable passed my lips the cop vanished - off to write me up. Damn!

David said...

I got pulled over a year ago. I assumed for being a little (<5 mph) over the speed limit. The cop started the conversation with "Do you know why I pulled you over?"

My response was "I have no idea."

He proceeded to explain to me that the light over my license plate was burned out. Then he told me that he wasn't going to ticket me, but he did admonish me to fix it tomorrow and let me go.

Before he walked away I said "Thank you officer, but can I ask you a question? What were you hoping I would confess to when you asked me if I knew why you pulled me over?"

He actually blushed, looked a little chagrined, and walked away without answering me.

pdwalker said...

That same advice was given to me my a prosecutor friend. The best thing to say is nothing.

Anonymous said...

The Late, Great Joel Rosenberg summed it up this way: "I do not wish to talk to you, and I do not consent to any searches."

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