Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Target the Black Panthers

Thug Culture                                  
How Many Crimes Did the New Black Panthers
Commit in Florida?

Res Ipsa Loquitur

....  But did a crime occur in the New Black Panther Party’s call for mob vengeance against Zimmerman? Quite possibly.

I’ve been familiar with this crowd since the day President Obama was elected when I worked at the Department of Justice.  Soon after election day 2008, I and other attorneys would bring a voter intimidation case against the New Black Panthers.  The Obama administration famously dismissed the case.  Afterwards, I and another DOJ lawyer testified under oath about the hostility within the Obama DOJ to bringing cases against defendants like the NBPP.  Nobody has ever contradicted the specifics of our testimony, or the details in my book Injustice, which describes, among other things, Eric Holder’s personal involvement in the Panther case dismissal.

Now Florida officials may have a chance to do what Eric Holder refused to do — bring these New Black Panther gangsters to justice once and for all. [
How Many Crimes Did the New Black Panthers Commit in Florida?]

Your fathers and grandfathers spent 4 years in foxholes because this kind of stuff wasn't addressed in time.

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