Friday, April 06, 2012

Pope Benny

Pope Benny Likes To Fuck With Communicants

Res Ipsa Loquitur

"Pope Rebukes Priests Who Advocate Ordaining Women and Ending Celibacy,"

Benedict, who at almost 85 has been ...  in fighting form as a defender of orthodoxy, favoring a smaller church of more ardent believers over a larger community that relies on what he sees as diluted doctrine.

That translates-- excommunicating the Pelosis, Mikulskis, and Kennedy ilks who use faith only as a political convenience.  Sort of like Hollywood Jews.  A parallel to this is the conservative movement's effort to rid the GOP of its RINO leadership.  Say Amen.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I'll see your AMEN, and raise ya a Halle-Lu-ya!


I-RIGHT-I said...

A rebuke? Not good enough. Throw those priests out. They are a cancer.

Anonymous said...

End celibacy (Remnant of the Roman theory) as it has attracted too many predatory monsters to the Church. BTW end cover ups & obfuscation as well. They might think of getting rid of all the pagan symbolism while they are at it... a fish shaped hat...really?

Anonymous said...

RAK, I love ya bro, but please splain to me how a "celibate" priesthood "attracts" the non-celibate. No, pedophiles and what the Church has suffered through, (namely homosexuals trolling for fresh recruits) always gravitate to professions where access to fresh victims are plenty. Think coaches, teachers and yes, clergy, of all denominations. The Church has suffered from a massive case of liberalism just like the rest of society.

And please, the fish has been a christian symbol from the very beginning. I don't want to mess up TRKOF's site with a big argument, so I'll leave it at that.

ps, Am waiting on my CCL here in TX and will be looking for a holster when funds become available.

DougM said...

Not sure what the problem is.
If you don't like the RCC's rules, you're a Protestant.
Mebbe I'm missin' somethin'.

Re: the Papal scarf pic.
I just hear, "Children of the night." ;)
(What? Yeah, presence of the ferula prob'ly eliminates that as a serious possibility, though.)

R Cohn said...

I could see myself goin back to church if that happened.

Anonymous said...

Anon, not trying to offend, or insult, but read your Greek and Roman history; read about St Augustine before he was a Christian.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps wrong, but I always viewed celebite priests as an early economic decision. What is cheaper, 1 celebite priest or the same priest with a wife and 1 to 12 cillrens? That plus the alibi for 24/7/365/until room temperature working for teh Pope?

Anonymous said...

I always thought the celebite priest thing was a loyalty issue?

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