Saturday, April 07, 2012

The Religious Left

Democrat or Bubonic
A Bellingham, Mass., school changed the lyrics
of Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA” to “We Love the USA” for an upcoming fourth-grade concert ... .

Several years ago- the mid 90', on Free Republic- I decried the then somewhat nascent, but clearly organized assault on religion by "progressive thinkers."   It had larger implications than just the influence of the Christian religion, I averred.  It was in fact part of a movement to destroy American culture.  At any rate,  a commenter asked, "so what do you propose?  Kill them all?"  I agreed that this was not the solution, nor even thinkable.  I was mistaken. I mean that in the good way.


Aleara said...

Hijacking the thread one time.

This is gonna be coming up. I was first linked to it by Lowry at NRO. It's absolutely melting the servers at Taki's Magizine, which is renowned controversial (i.e., how people really talk when they're not being PC).

Derbyshire is an acknowledged mathematician, so his numbers can't be impeached.

I read it and can really draw the line where he says: "Don't go where there are a preponderance of blacks" (paraphrase). I lived in Africa for 3.5 years, and didn't have a problem.

This is a must read. Noone should reflexively agree or disagree with what Derbyshire is presenting.

Anonymous said...

Where's Batman when you need him?!

DougM said...

I'd settle for a man with a bat.

Darrell said...

Derb just got canned from National Review for that article. The link worked earlier but has now been taken down. Rich Lowry at NR said he went too far.

Anonymous said...

Truth always hurts, don't it?

Ken Hamblin, before he pulled his own plug, used to say, there was a five word reason most people were in the penitentiary: Be Cause They Did It.

Sir H the Comet

Anonymous said...

Ummm, where's Robin?

Darrell said...

Re: John Derbyshire's firing at National Review, the Takimag link is working again. Derb rubbed someone's rhubarb, and is paying for it.

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