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Thug Boulevard

Thug Culture                                  
A.K.A. Obama Boulevard

Res Ipsa Loquitur

The most interesting recent political phenomenon, after the Teaparty, was the emergence of the PUMA (Party Unity My Ass) movement in 2008.  These were hard (HARD) core Hillary supporters; stunned by what they (accurately) believed was the Democrat Party's betrayal of their goddess Hillary.  When the SIEU pulled off a massive voter fraud to give Obama a critical western primary win in Nevada, they flipped.

From my vantage point, everything they railed about were the very things we put up with the Clinton's Democrat Party.  Illegal fundraising; vote fraud; baldfaced lies, etc.  Still, I welcomed them, their fervor, and their knowledge of how the left operates.  I believed there were enough of them to deny Obama's election in November, alas.

My favorite of the PUMA blogger was Texas Darlin' (TD Blog).  When she and her blog archives disappeared after the election, I entertained the thought  that her efforts against Obama had allowed her to also see how filthy the Democrat Party, and by extension the Clintons, had always been, which epiphany caused her to commit ritual Seppukblog.  Too bad.  She was sharp as a tack.

So I wrote on Tuesday,  November 02, 2010.  When I say disappeared, I mean bulldozer-leveled. Her archives, containing some of the best insights, documents and sleuthing went up in smoke. Not even  Google cache could produce an archived word.  Very strange.  Here today, erased from history in a heartbeat.  That light bulb lit last night when I read this:

.Michele Thomas, a professional photographer in Hollywood, told WND in an exclusive interview that her resistance to the Obama campaign made her a target of intimidation.

“I have received death threats from Obama’s people,” she said. “I think I was called a ‘racist’ a thousand times. If you didn’t stand for Obama, you were a racist. It was a way to intimidate you.”


Res Ipsa Loquitur
Thomas’ charges were affirmed by a Hollywood producer who spoke to WND, Bettina Viviano, who claims that it was a common belief inside Hillary Clinton’s campaign that Obama was not eligible to be president and that she heard Bill Clinton say it in a telephone conference call.


What she witnessed while volunteering for Hillary in the Nevada Democratic Party caucuses eventually turned her into an activist.

“The Obama campaign people were stealing the caucuses – throwing away votes, intimidating people from entering the caucus locations,” she said. “It was very systematic. The Obama supporters got control over the caucus packages and they manipulated the vote.”

She said she was astounded that the media was not interested in covering the alleged abuses.

“Everyone knew the Obama people were stealing the election,” she charged.  .... [Horror stories]

Now, I have more than once had my own finger on a Kevorkian style Blogicide button, so that could explain TD's action.  Just fed up with the whole deal.  She did, evidently, make a brief reappearance, so I don't make too much of it, at least in the context of Obamunist thuggery charges.  We know with certainty that threats and intimidation are his style. We knew at the time that SEIU engineered his crucial Nevada primary win over Hillary in 2008.  We know that SEIU have emerged as his "Brown Shirts."

(Pop-up thought - Hitler had his ancestral home leveled after taking power.  Destroying all traces of his ancestry)

Imagine for a minute that your phone rang, and you were threatened ... your family threatened?  That's how easy it is to silence a nation when nobody dares, or wants to put a stop to it. 

Disclaimer:  I believe Obama is a very bad man.  I think he's worse than Hitler,  who at least loved the country  he ruled over.


RavingDave said...

I know what you mean about Texas Darlin. She had some of the best analysis of the eligibility issue at the time. (but you said that.)

I took a peek over at her blog, and her blogroll is conspicuously conservative. Very odd that she ever was a Hillary supporter.

For what it's worth, it is my opinion that Obama didn't win the election. The media et al won it for him. He's never done anything successful on his own.

Juice said...

Bumper sticker at the time should have been: Hillary, the better devil you know.
Verbalize with a light inflection and it's a compliment.

Wabano said...

The Germans targeted especially the cemetery...lots of Hitlers there, all Jewish. Of course Alois Schickelgruber was totally unrelated but since he was very proud of being partly jewish, he adopted the name...
Adolf would have been hoisted to the ovens had he not been in charge, fact he had his very own insane sister killed by his Kavorkian schemes.
"They" sure know what's best for you...And on we go with Obama's death panels.

matterson said...

What is their fascination with Hillary?

She's just the male version of Obama.

DougM said...

Obama's not as bad a man as the guy he henchmans for.

Ten Mile Island said...

"He's never done anything successful on his own."

Well, he did win the Nobel Peace Prize.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

I wholeheartedly agree Doug, but Obama is the identifiable pledge from that fraternity.

Kristopher said...

Hitler did not love Germany or the German people.

His attitude at the end was that Germany did not live up to his standards, so they deserved to go down with him. His actions at the end of the war were entirely consistent with his desire to turn Germany into his own personal Alamo.

I recommend The End by Ian Kershaw if you want to know how and why Nazi Germany went down in utter flames, from the German perspective. The Nazi party looked and sounded eerily like Obama's democrat fanatics.

Anonymous said...

The Salafists have done pretty much the same thing in Mecca and Medina. Both old towns have been bulldozed to build new hotels etc, with special attention to shrines, graves, etc, with only places connected personally with mohammed (birthplace, grave, etc.) spared. Only the moon god is to be honored or even known, that way no alternative mullahs can arise to dispute the salafist viewpoint.

As far as SEIU, almost none of them have ever served in the military, and those never saw combat. I used to work with veterans as a therapist, and I can't think of any combat vets that were liberal, most wore some badge or such that made me think they were politically conservative. Even black and hispanic combat vets were conservative, though of course tuned into the victim culture they were specifically making the choice to rise above it. I have had some conversations that no liberal will ever have, or believe.

SEIU might bring guns to a gunfight, but they will find that our side will bring the experience.

But we do need to dismantle the TSA to keep it from being used as a military/ law enforcement organization.

--Senor Frog

Anonymous said...

I understand how a little 'word' from the right people can make one hesitate to publicly state 'the king has no clothes', so to speak. Locally, a chicken processing plant was given ~$10M to 'surrender' their waste discharge permit so it could be re-issued to the local water board. The permit was issued at no cost, and was 'not to be sold or traded'. That was at least ten million reasons to quit my letter to the editor campaign about the 'good ole boy' back scratching that cost the county so much. The plant recently requested issuance of a new discharge permit, again at no cost... They didn't give back the $10M.
I thought long and hard about commenting but figured they could find where I lived and could likely figure a way for my lawnmower and me to have an accidental 'problem'.

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