Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Did Barry FAKE a KENYAN Citizenship?

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Obama's Bio Grows Even Sketchier

Res Ipsa Loquitur

The other night, MSNBC's Chris Matthews argued on his "Hardball" show that Americans would be wise to re-elect Obama because he's "the candidate we know." He claimed he's a trusted brand who "is who he seems to be."  [Investors Business Daily]

IMD uses this to segue into new "birther" territory, at least new to me.  They propose that Obama fictionalized a Kenyan  citizenship in order to get into colleges he was otherwise denied entrance to,  because of poor grades.

.Why would Obama fictionalize his life story? For answers, let's go back to 1991. At the time he got his book deal, Obama was graduating from Harvard Law School, which required strong grades for entry. Yet by all accounts, Obama had weak grades. Did he juice his application — a la his Harvard law pal, Elizabeth "Cherokee Liz" Warren — to hedge his bet in case his minority status wasn't exotic enough to overcome his grades?

Northwestern University professor John McKnight said a desperate Obama approached him for a letter of recommendation to Harvard, because he couldn't get any of his undergrad professors to pen one due to underwhelming academics. McKnight was one of Obama's radical Alinsky trainers and a key mentor, but not one of his professors.

This is very interesting.  Percy Sutton, renowned civil rights activist and Manhattan borough president from 1966 to 1977, says that Dr. Khalid al Mansour approached him to intercede with Harvard, and get Obama accepted.  Which he did [video].  Obama later called Sutton's account a lie.  So, IBD makes an interesting, even compelling argument for his Hawaiian birth.  Except for this.

He was forced to issue an acknowledged (by the mere fact of it being updated three times to meet deficiencies) fraudulent Certificate of Live Birth through an  intermediary (DAILY KOS).  And then forced, by the prospect of being left off some state ballots in 2012, to produce a seemingly actual Hawaiian birth certificate—  which was immediately proved to be fraudulent. These are inarguable facts.

Now, Obama would hardly be the first Black person to use affirmative action programs, nor lie on an application.   It might be embarrassing now for him to admit it,  but not a career killer (for a democrat). But—  being actually born in Kenya sure is.

Res Ipsa Loquitur
  It's difficult to say when key democrats (Pelosi+) became aware  of the birth problem, but in what looks like a hedge, they raised the issue of John McCain's citizenship in January 2008,  just 4-5 months before Obama's birth was first publicly questioned by an Israeli journalist.  Now all of government have a vested interest in covering up. That's right.  The constitutional crisis that would follow a truthful account terrifies them; threatens their government sinecures at the hands of an outraged public.   We public cannot handle the truth , of course.

One final thing.  Why is it that everybody feels compelled, when discussing his birth issue,  to begin "I believe he was born in Hawaii, but ...?  Why not "I HOPE  he was born in Hawaii, but ... ?  I mean, given the entirety of the evidence produced by both sides, on what basis can anyone "believe?" 


cmblake6 said...

Yet more example of the intended destruction of the nation.

Anonymous said...

He's either a traitor, or a foreign agent.


Anonymous said...

I always felt that if "Team Bubba RICO" [aka crime inc] couldn't get this to stick, there wasn't much to it. Especially when the bamster dropped the race card on him.

As more and more information is found and released, there is certainly enough to be suspect of the situation.

There is NO doubt that he does not meet the "original" intent of the 14th Amendment to hold the Office of President. That would make him the second one [according to some].


Juice said...

"is who he seems to be."
No truer statement.
He is as he does. And he does some commie shite.

Anonymous said...

What does happen when he's found to be a fraud? When they discover he was never eligible to be the POTUS. What happens to all the legislation he did? What happens to the people (ACK PWTTTHHH!!!!! Scum bags) who helped him like Pelosi, etc (ACKPPPHHPPTTT!!!)?
What happens with respect to the Military men and women who acted under him under the assumption he was/is the Commander in Chief?

That I believe scares people more than sweeping this under the rug.

Anonymous said...

"U. K. L. Lee"

Har D. Harhar

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't "Transparent" be changed to "Treasonous"?


DougM said...

I HOPE he was born in Hawaii, but ...
if he fraudulently obtained scholarships or acceptance, then he might be vulnerable to charges of felonious fraud, right?
(Dunno when the statutes of limitations run out, though.)
If he didn't use fraud, academically, then he got elected fraudulently.
I say …
impeach him for both and see which way he jumps.

DonM said...

I'm Mr. Cellophane Mr. Cellophane
No one knows my name Mr. Cellophane
You can walk right by me Look right through me.
And never know I'm there.


Anonymous said...

Rather akin to the unseemly mendacity that enveloped the circumstances of Vince Foster's death. Vince Foster may have committed suicide. It is most unlikely he did so at Fort Marcy Park. And, of course, it is surely only a coincidence the U. S. Park Service decided to so thoroughly dig up and rearrange said park right after the guano started to fly regarding the matter that any evidence that may have cast light on the event just went away.

The suspicious among us just seem naturally drawn to these things.

"A friend will help you move. A REAL friend will help you move a body."

Parallels? Anyone? Obama? Obama?

Anonymous said...

It's not as much whether he was born in Hawaii, as it is whether his mother (although a US citizen, was a minor at the time) was able to confer citizenship on him:
- President Obama was born in Kenya on August 4, 1961; at the time of his birth, his mother was only 18 years old and not old enough to confer U.S. Natural Born Citizenship status to him.
- Obama’s father was a Kenyan citizen and his mother a United States citizen who was not old enough and did not reside in the United States long enough to register her son’s birth in Hawaii as a “natural born” United States citizen.
- “Under the laws in effect between December 24, 1952 and November 14, 1986, a child born outside of the United States to one citizen parent and one foreign national could acquire “natural born” United States citizenship if the United States citizen parent had been physically present in the United States for ten years prior to the child’s birth, five of those years being after age fourteen.”
- Finally, Obama’s Kenyan grandmother, Sarah Obama, has repeatedly stated Obama was born in Kenya and that she was present in the hospital during his birth. She has stated this information in recorded telephone conversations.

(The above lifted from a summary of a lawsuit filed in Philadelphia, IIRC)

DougT said...

I think Obama's the candidate Chrissie knows - in a biblical sense.

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