Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lap Dancers Screwed

Lap Time

Res Ipsa Loquitur

67-year-old Robert Gene White "enjoyed several lap dances" on a Friday night at the Red Parrot Strip Club in El Paso. 

However, when employees came to collect payment from White he was "unresponsive," according to another station, KVIA. The local sheriff's department said club workers and paramedics made several unsuccessful attempts to revive White.

The sheriff's office said it suspects White died of natural causes and does not suspect foul play in the incident. [LAP]


TimO said...

Night of lap dances at a strip club: $250

Dying before you have to pay for them: Priceless....

Anonymous said...

The real reason he was so stiff.
Stiffed them on the bill, eh?

I-RIGHT-I said...

They went through his pockets before they called the cops. They copied his house key and swiped all his credit cards for good measure. What a f'ing loser to die in a strip club.

pdwalker said...


I'm sure he died happy.

As a way to go, I can think of many that are worse, and few that are better.

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