Friday, May 11, 2012

More Broccoli too

  More Brussel Sprouts
Res Ipsa Loquitur


Thomas M. said...

Unless he's on an FM station near your, you can't get Rush Limbaugh on an ipod.

Jon said...


Anonymous said...

Maybe he's playing back the podcast.


Jess said...

That falls under geezer economics:

Boom box - $2.50
Headphones - $.75
Total - $3.25

All are garage sale items from down the street, which meant he didn't have to waste gas.

The reward? Enough money saved to splurge at the cafeteria on the day they deposit his Social Security check.

Hope and change; it's not for old folks.

DougT said...

The GuyPod or the MP1 Player.

pdwalker said...

I like brussel sprouts.

Anonymous said...

male i-wanna-be-hip equivalent of those ridiculous 80-year-old babes sporting mini-skirts back in the '70's. he has to be dr. hip at his nursing home.

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