Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rubio breathes life into DREAM Act

Holding Nose Here Boss


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a "poison pill".


Anonymous said...

...if that's what it takes to buy blue votes...
oy vey ole'

Merrily said...

See Drudge? Feeling a bit vindicated? :-)

I-RIGHT-I said...

There you go, another victim status Republican minority finding ways to help "his people".

Stop the payments, stop the free meds, housing subsidies and all that and THEY WILL GO HOME MARCO!

But, that's not what you want is it Amigo? Viva La Raza!!!!!

I know he's a Cuban, doesn't matter.

Anonymous said...

Just Great, exactly what we need.

They need to keep Rubio away from McLame and Gramamesty. A couple of trips with those idiots and they are starting to wear off on him.


gadfly said...

Either MR has marching orders form his soon-be-new-boss, another MR, or he is walking from the TEA Party.


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