Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sierra Club's Eco Terrorism


The  Sierra Club, ECO Terrorists
The media are finally catching up to America's shale natural gas boom, with even Fortune magazine waddling in with a cover story. But the bigger recent news is that Res Ipsa Loquiturone of the most powerful environmental lobbies, the Sierra Club, is mounting a major campaign to kill the industry.

The battle plan is called "Beyond Natural Gas," and Sierra Club executive director Michael Brune announced the goal in an interview with the National Journal this month: "We're going to be preventing new gas plants from being built wherever we can." The big green lobbying machine has rolled out a new website ...
[WSJ- Sierra Clubs Natural Gas]

The Sierra Club are the People For the American Way (PFAW) of environmentalists.  Funded by ignorant squirrel loving Americans, and radical green-activists  who regularly respond to eco-threat fundraising letters with checks. They "Pride themselves On Liberal Constituency And Leadership." Their effect on the nation's economy has been devastating.


Anonymous said...

Hypocrites. That sign waving dork needs to shed everything she's wearing that was made using a fossil or nuclear or hydroelectric energy source to drive or generate the electricity to run the machinery that made her clothes, the sign's paperboard, ink and her dork glasses, IF she were not a damned hypocrite.
Where is Mr. Clark? We need the Rainbow Six solution. The deep rainforest needs the Sierra Club.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

18Echo said...

"Funded by ignorant squirrel loving Americans"

Wait a darn minute Roger. I'm a squirrel loving American!

I shoot the little tree rats in the head with my 10/22, soak them in buttermilk then use them in a variety of tasty dishes including just plain old pan fried. I love rabbits too. (cuddly pets AND nutritious snack) it's a win, win with them...

toadold said...

Years ago I worked with a guy who raised rabbits on the side for meat and fur. He said, "If I could just get the little buggers to lay eggs I could go into it full time....After watching the latest gafs by the Dims I think we may have a source of squirrels that lay eggs.

Everyman said...

I believe the full name is Bravo Sierra Club, captain.

Anonymous said...

lol, Bravo Sierra Club

18Echo, it's time for some R&R. You've been in the field too long.


Kristophr said...

FYI: Some warmists at AAAS are pimping massive geo-engineering to "fix" global warming.

Live chat today at 1500 US Eastern time.

Jess said...

When she wears glasses with frames made out of spotted owl shit, I may change my opinion on grouping her with people that protest oil while exposing clothes, and appliances made with plastic.

Dip shits!

Anonymous said...

Odds 99:1 that the lenses are plastic, made from petroleum stock.

Maybe she should walk up there to ANWR, and look around. She'd see flat tundra for miles and miles and miles in every direction, and be very very lonely. Not even the critters go there. Wildlife Refuge my butt cheek. Ain't none from what I heerd.
Sierra Club has been taken over by the watermelons. Any and every spike that can be dredged up to stuff into the gears of progress will be used. Serial lawsuits drag on for decades. That is a win, even if they eventually lose. Just file another, and the clock starts all over again.
There oughta be a law....


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