Tuesday, May 22, 2012



DougM said...

So you took an arrow to the knee.
A girl shot you.
C'mon, man up!

markshere2 said...

The goalie for the archery team is re-considering his career choice.

toadold said...

"Man up, it wasn't even a broad head!"
"If a girl archers sees a masked and obviously horny man running at her what do you expect."
"OK, he's down. Now should I put another arrow into him, or just cut his throat and field dress him."

Mile 66 said...

Funny, but the spanish term for a soccer goalie/goalkeeper is "arquero" (archer).

Anonymous said...

The "Hunger Games" sequel is right on track.

DougM said...

• Actually, he was lucky.
She was aiming for his groin.

• The All-India soccer team's cheerleaders were experts at archery and pompoms;
and they were all out of pompoms.

Okay, back to our meme:
• I used to be a goalie like you …

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Good lord, everything's meme'd. BTW, I saw the guy with the arrow in his knee and photo shopped the Indian archer into it. It's what I saw.

DougM said...

Heck, Rodge, I thought it was a test.
Figgered I'd better respond to the joke to let you know we got the second one, too.
(Hey, Memes R Us.)

Rodger the Real King of France said...

The old Memes R Us meme, eh.

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