Sunday, May 27, 2012

Woot this, WOOT!

Democrat or Bubonic
Today's Plague Culture Bastids

First, Joe's Mom & Pop pizza sold out to City-Wide Pizza, and now City-Wide Pizza have sold out to K-Mart Pizza.  Like that.

Near as I can tell, this sucks even more than WOOT! started sucking right after Amazon bought it.  They're asking "How did you react?," and I'd tell them,  except I don't Tweet and I don't Facebook.  I'm old and afraid and I'm pissed.  What next?  I'll tell you what next— WOOT DRONE that shoots WOOT! laser advertising on your bedroom wall and takes, then sells  naked pictures of you on  WOOT-WOO!.  Bastids.


leelu said...

Scotch and prozac.

Scotch and prozac.

Scotch and prozac.

(And you're still not paranoid enough...)

Anonymous said...

Another failed business model. They're not going to get much for those pics.


Rodger the Real King of France said...

Ahem - try Bourbon and Zoloft

Anonymous said...

gin and lorazepam...

i just can't handle the 'colored' spirits any more. when i smell them it reminds me of own.

i know..i know...TMI


Juice said...

Another recipe:
Vodka, tonic, Lexapro. Stir, no shake.

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