Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Crime Families in the US

Crime Families

Res Ipsa Loquitur
Islam, where you "sleep wit militias"

As a teenager Ali Bahkti served in Iran's Revolutionary Guard .  While on a suicide assignment to blow up an Israeli disco, Ali converted to Christianity.  Ahem.  Anyway, he now lives in St. Louis,  and is active in church life "spreading the gospel.".  Of course we all know the penalty for leaving the crime family known as Islam, don't we?  That's right.  Both  Bahkti and his pastor Mike Salazar have been notified, via post from Tehran, that they have been marked for death.  Fatwa'd. 

Even though the two men now live under the constant fear of death, they say they will not stop preaching Christianity.

“I’m doing it for the kingdom of God,” Bakhti said.

“Even if you die doing it,” his pastor added.

Salazar has passed the letter on to the F.B.I. However, the agency wouldn’t confirm to KTVI whether they are investigating the incident.

Meanwhile, in Rio Grande Valley, Texas ..... Talal Nimer shot his estranged wife, his daughter and her boyfriend.  Talal admitted to police " that he didn't like that his daughter was dating someone who's not Muslim."  This practice of "honor killing" is of course sanctioned by Sharia law, but police say it is not classified as attempted "honor killing"

Faleh Almaleki's murder of  his daughter Noor in Arizona, is.


pdwalker said...

Why do you keep letting these barbarians into the gates? Surely the inner cities breed enough of them on their own?

Anonymous said...

"...police say it is not classified as attempted "honor killing". No, it is classified as a successful honor killing - known in this country as first degree murder.

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