Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Humming Bird Moths

Hummingbird Moths

Humming Bird Moth

Thought of you and MoSup today when we were finally able to capture some pics of these interesting creatures.  We've only seen these Hummingbird Moths in SW Colorado.  They are adorable and today an actual hummer and two of these were feeding on the same plant.  Our presence sent to hummer off, but moths stayed.  Aren't they great?

Read more here: http://www.birds-n-garden.com/white-lined_sphinx_hummingbird_moths.html

Life without politics can be so refreshing! Enjoy

Humming Bird Moth
Thanks Juice, we are endlessly fascinated with hummers.


Anonymous said...

Not a Hummer cam but here you also get blood and guts.



BobG said...

Saw some of those moths in Santa Fe a couple of weeks ago. Pretty little things.

Anonymous said...

We call em Spinx moths around here.
The really big ones show up in my dianthus and buddleia at dusk/night.
4" wingspans are common.Big enough to hear flying if it's quiet.


Juice said...

Didn't expect to see this here but daytime moths that mimic hummers? Awesome.
(still have those ABCDEFUCK beer steins.) :)

Anonymous said...

As interesting as those moths are they are the ones that lay the tomato horn worm eggs on my tomatos.At night I whack them with a tennis racket here in N.E. Florida.They are not welcome here.

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