Friday, July 06, 2012

Sort of like shooting rats at the dump - with eyes closed

Res Ipsa Loquitor

I find myself annoyed at redistricting...

...because I relished voting against Andre Carson, even if only as a sort of fruitless performance art, like few other things in the futile farce that is modern American politics. Hell, the opportunity to vote against Andre Carson is almost single-handedly what got me voting again after a long sabbatical. I scratched that #2 pencil in the little circle with rage that burns like the hearts of a billion suns at the blatant nepotism that parked this practically uniquely unqualified boob in the chair vacated by his career machine politician grandma once things got a little too Weekend At Bernie's on the House floor.

This genial ex-liquor cop's head is emptier than than a vegan restaurant at a cattleman's convention but because he had the right pedigree '' [Tam cont]

From her lips and out me own mouth.  Only the names are changed.

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Esteve said...

My Representative is Corine Brown. She makes this guy look like an enlightened statesman.

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