Friday, July 06, 2012

Tiger Pull

Hold That Tiger
Res Ipsa Loquitor

Visitors at the Busch Gardens Zoo, in Tampa Bay, Florida, are given the chance to test their strength against a mighty tiger, in a game of tug of war.   What a great idea.  Chimps are supposed to be 7 times stronger than a human.  I'd like to test that one too.


Anonymous said...

Let go of the Rope.
Let go of the Rope.
Let go of the Rope.
Let go of the Rope!
Let go of the Rope!!

BobG said...

A friendly game of "Pull-the-Pussy."

Anonymous said...

Student chewed on and loses testicle in chimp attack.

QED: Chimps are stronger and like salty, human balls.

DougT said...

FLOTUS is supposedly 20 times stronger than your average chimp. That's why she's the 400 lb. gorilla around the WH.

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