Saturday, August 18, 2012

A clean bathroom +

    Must Eat Brains 

a clean bathroom and 2 more things
Res Ipsa Loquitor


Anonymous said...

The first picture takes me back over 40 years ago. Ah the simple pleasure of yoot! This girl has really nice skin...

Buzz D.

leelu said... that Hillary in the second pic??

Chris in NC said...

leelu: only if it is her 20 something version. If it was the current hildabeest there would be 2 things radically different. 1, her thighs would block out the rest of the picture and 2, she would never stoop to look at another human being. She wouldn't even let her staffers look her in the eye, let alone a dark man on the street...

Anonymous said...

An AC vent, hot drunk girl, clean toilet. May your tequila hangover never wear off. Damn I miss the 80's -Anymouse

DougM said...

1. Nice tackle!
2. Tellin' 'im to move his two pussies down the block, 'cause this corner is reserved for hers.
3. Most people just have their own head up their ass.

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