Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gaffer's Gaffe

Hot Mic Catches Media Slug Ripping Romney
"Reporters overheard on politico live stream speculating before Romney event that there is "a 40% chance that he says something stupid."

But First-

This is yet one more example of just how childish and unprofessional these partisans disguised as "objective" reporters are -- and it gives you a hint of what Romney's been up against throughout this entire campaign. Not just from the likes of BuzzFeed, and they're bad enough, but from a media atmosphere so stacked against Romney and in favor of Obama that anyone pretending to be an "objective" journalist can feel comfortable popping off like this. - John Nolte on Brietbart

In itself ridiculous, given that Coppins and the rest of those blowhards have been listening to the Barry and Biden gaffe parade these past four years.  I do love  John Nolte's observation though. The media are so enthralled  by Obama that some may slit wrists when he loses 40+ states next week.  May they rest in peace and forgive me my Schadenfreudal tap dance afterwards.

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