Friday, November 09, 2012

Badass Commie Bartender

Oh My - Now We Have a Bartender Gap

cuzzin ricky


Anonymous said...

Wow, he is an incredible juggler; although, he didn't actually mix a drink; he sure entertained the audience.

Helly said...


This is what we need; some mind-numbing entertainment. I can help with some other therapeutic content on YouTube:

dubstep music

Penn and Teller - Fool Us

Vi Hart

Juice said...

Totally Awesome. Not only could he keep a bar packed, he'd need a Brinks truck (or its equivalence) to haul away his tips.
No need to bring his act here, he's probably better off where he's at.

Anonymous said...

Who needs a bartender when all you can afford to drink is bathtub gin?

Freddie Sykes

pdwalker said...

Sure, he looks good, but did you see how long it took him to pour and mix three drinks? At rush hour, the patrons would be pissed at the wait!

pdwalker said...

Seriously though, he's really good.

Anonymous said...

Hey Vlad, can I get my freakin' drink now?


Tom said...

What show was that? Commies got talent? Oops, excuse me, former Commies got talent?

Squeak said...

I was never much for "flare" I have been a bartender for 18 yeas and would have had 3 drinks done by time he was finished with the first. Talking to the customer and maybe a little flirting is better. And I bet that have more attention on Me when I "shake" than he dose.

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